The Day Center is now open 7 days a week! 

Message from our Executive Director 

In light of what is unfolding around the nation and in our own community, I think it is necessary that The Sophia Way affirms its philosophy and values. 
We believe in the necessity of shelter and safe living conditions for all persons.
We believe in the equality of all, cherishing diversity, and treating each person we meet - client, volunteer, donor, staff - with the same respect, dignity, and care.
We respect diversity, supporting individuality and personal growth.
 We believe in empowering women to achieve their personal objectives.
We invite participation within the entire community.
The dedicated, hard-working staff, volunteers and Board of Directors at The Sophia Way are committed to these values and practice them every day.  We thank our community of diverse supporters and welcome anyone to join us.
We will always be a safe space.

- Angela Murray, Executive Director 

Day Center open on weekends! 

The Day Center is now open on weekends and the ladies love it! We have 35 -45 women utilizing our services each day.  

You - The community and volunteers have been helping us immensely! 

The community resource board is up and running so that women can utilize all the services providers - Housing Case Manager, Mental Health Counselor, Dental Vans, Nurse, Hair Cuts, and more. We also have a bi-weekly Day Center Newsletter so that our ladies can stay connected and know what is going on here, important upcoming events, etc. W e have a wonderful group of service providers that are coming weekly and our ladies are starting to build strong relationships with each one and really taking advantage of their services, which is very exciting!

We have had quite a few guests in the past week say that this Day Center is the best one they have ever been too, and that they feel lucky to have found us. 

The weekends have been VERY busy, as expected. We are very grateful that we are open so that the ladies  have a safe and warm place to be every day of the week. A lot of the women have expressed immense gratitude for opening the Day Center on weekends and providing them a place to be.

Thank you for giving the gift of dignity, hope, happiness and respect.
Count Us In
How does a city know the number of people experiencing homeless on its streets?  It counts.
Between 2AM and 6AM on Friday morning (January 27th), hundreds of volunteers spread over all of King County to witness and enumerate the scope of homelessness in our community. This year, Count Us In utilized new and improved data collection methods for the full range of count activities including a street count of people living unsheltered, a count of people living in shelter or transitional housing, a qualitative survey of people experiencing homelessness, and specialized approaches to counting subpopulations, including youth/young adults, families, and those living in vehicles.

The Sophia Way assembled a team for the count here in Bellevue which consisted of clients, board members, staff and volunteers. We were split into 3 teams and were given areas to scout. It gave us a first hand experience of how people experiencing homelessness would hide. It was alarming to see 6 car campers during our time out on the streets. Results of this count is expected during spring this year. We will keep you posted. 
Sophia's Place Poem 
"Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle." - Criss Jami

One of the ladies living at the shelter wrote the following poem about her experience at Sophia's Place.

Sophia's Place
By: Ashley Crane

Lights bright!
7 o'clock on the dot, the morning pot's hot!
Sun's on the horizon,
New flowers on the table rising.
Gold finch in the trees--
Do you have a cigarette for me?
249 comes in an hour;
A nap at 3 for power.
5 minutes 'till the night shelter doors open--
What's tomorrow gonna bring? I'm hopin'!
Community Brunch - January 2017

The Community Brunch is organized every quarter so that ladies from all our programs - Night Shelter, Day Center, Transitional Housing, Permanent Housing and Emergency Winter Shelter can get together. We have clothes, shoes, hygiene kits, coats, and more, for the ladies to shop. This time, we had a makeup artist from Mary Kay volunteer her time to do makeovers for the ladies! Dana Brekke made a beautiful spread for the ladies. Here is Dana's experience in her own words: 

'I love to cook.  It brings me joy when I see people enjoying my food.  Cooking for The Sophia Way brunches is a win - win situation.  The women are all so grateful.  Grateful to be at the brunch and truly grateful for what they are eating.  I am a mom, amateur cook and full time home maker.  It is fun to be apart of such a special day. 

As I watched the ladies enjoying there food, I couldn't stop thinking, "this is a room full of stories".  I hope I am able to hear some of those stories, at the next brunch.' - Dana 

One of the ladies at the Day Center told us that ' The brunch was run with such class, and it was 100% perfect. I appreciate that I could choose when I wanted to shop/eat because I do not have a lot of control over things right now, so the aspect of having choice made it very unique for me. I had the best time ever and hope this will happen again!' - a Day Center participant. 
Activities at the shelter 

One of our staff member lead a crafts project at the shelter this week. Here are the paper lanterns we made in honor of Chinese New Year
May this New Year be full of faith, hope and love and even among them may love surpass these filling up your cup of life to the brim.

This is a bracelet that Darby, one of our shelter client designed and created. 
She made this bracelet for one of her friends - another one of our Night Shelter clients. 
Darby proudly calls her creations,  Designs by Darby.
When asked why she likes to make jewelry, she simply stated, "I like to give people a lift."