The EPN Consulting Newsletter No. 115 | March 2020
The Editorial
Dear Colleague, 
This month I am uncertain as I wouldn't like to talk about how the Covid-19 affected our lifestyles and routines, but it seems that any other topic wouldn't make much sense as our professional and personal activities have been either suspended or radically changed to try and adapt to this new and unprecedented experience. For example... Read more
EPN Consulting continues assisting its clients as usual during this period of countries lockdown
EPN Consulting is based in the UK but, as many of you already know, we have collaborators, clients and members in many European countries. Since its incorporation in 2009 the company has always promoted a modern way of working based on... Read more
Promoting Sustainable Mobility: Commission proposes 2021 to be the European Year of Rail
The Commission proposed to make 2021 the European Year of Rail to support the delivery of its European Green Deal objectives in the transport field. A series of events, campaigns and initiatives in 2021 will promote rail as a sustainable, innovative and safe mode of transport. Read more
European Climate Pact: Public Consultation open until 27 May 2020
The European Commission’s European Green Deal is the new growth strategy for an EU economy that is sustainable, cleaner, safer and healthier. The engagement of the public is critical to instil a new climate culture, awareness and motivation for climate action, bringing together citizens, industry, civil society and authorities at all levels. To achieve this, the Commission will consult the public and interested stakeholders in order to launch a “Climate Pact” in the 3rd quarter of 2020. Read more
European Capital of Innovation Award 2020 - applications open until 23 June 2020
Also known as iCapital, this annual prize is funded by Horizon 2020, the EU Research and Innovation programme. It recognises European cities that develop vibrant innovation ecosystems in order to address current public challenges and improve the lives of their citizens. The prize awards six European cities in total. Read more
Coronavirus: EC presents practical guidance to ensure continuous flow of goods across EU via green lanes
The Commission issued new practical advice on how to implement its Guidelines for border management, in order to keep freight moving across the EU during the current pandemic. To ensure that EU-wide supply chains continue to operate, Member States are requested to designate, without delay, all the relevant internal border-crossing points on the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) as ‘green lane' border crossings. Read more
The Website of the Month: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO)
In a period of fake news, unverified Whatsapp audio messages, spurious Facebook posts, we at EPN Consulting would like you to read reliable and updated information on this pandemic provided by the World Health Organisation.

Upcoming Professional Events - find many more in our Events Section
06 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to the “Intelligent Cities Challenge”

17 Apr 2020 - Extended deadline to submit applications to become #EURegionsWeek partners

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.14 H2020 TRANSPORT calls (RIA, IA, CSA) 

21 Apr 2020 – Deadline to submit proposals to H2020 [MG-BG-03-2020] call (RIA – Under water noise mitigation and environmental impact)

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.4 H2020 BATTERIES calls (RIA, IA)

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.4 H2020 GREEN VEHICLES calls (IA, CSA)

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.2 H2020 AUTOMATED ROAD TRANSPORT calls (IA)

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.6 H2020-SC3-RES calls (RIA)
Please note that many events and conferences are being cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Visit events websites for updated information.

19-22 Apr 2020 – Bologna (IT) – IEEE TEMS International Conference on Technology and Entrepreneurship (ICTE)

21-22 April 2020 – Málaga (ES) – GREENCITIES – 11th Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability

06-07 May 2020 – Amsterdam (NL) – Digital Utilities Europe 2020

18-20 May 2020 – Lisbon (PT) – ITS EUROPEAN CONGRESS

20 May 2020 – Glasgow (UK) – STAR (Scottish Transport Applications and Research) Conference 2020

20-21 May 2020 – London (UK) – Digitalised Smart Ports Conference 2020
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