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Our On Demand classes include: All Levels, Power, Yin, Restorative, Beginners, Prenatal and Slow Flow & Restorative.

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💙 More of our favorite classes with more teachers
💙 Mini Yoga Classes (20 min, 30 min flows)
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Virtual Live Classes with 7 Day Recordings
Mon 8 AM with Julie E - Julie's back live!
Thurs 7:30 PM with Sue - Sue's back live!

Virtual Live "I See You" Classes
(This class is not recorded. Teachers give specific cues to the individuals who are in the class!)
Fri 9:30 AM with Paula subbing for Gale!
Sat 3 PM with Paula

Norwood Studio - Recently Added
Sat 11 AM with Erin / Mary
Mon 6 PM with Jen
Mon 7:30 PM with Jen

Wrentham Studio - Recently Added
Tues 4:30 PM with Julie E
Wed 9:30 AM with Mary
Wed 6 PM with Mary
Fri 7:30 AM with Lisa
Sat 9:30 AM with Lauren

We love our community!
(Picture taken before Covid!)
STUDIO CLASSES: Live, in person classes with 6 ft between mats and masks required. Windows/doors are cracked open for fresh air and HEPA Air Purifiers run during class. We clean with EPA Approved disinfecting cleaners after every class. Click here for a studio tour!
OUTDOOR CLASSES: Live, in person classes outside in our parking lots have been amazing! We will keep some outdoor classes going and pop up more on days that are warm. Wear layers and bring a blanket or socks for savasana!
VIRTUAL CLASSES: Join us live on zoom at the class time. Sign up until 1 minute before the class starts! You will receive the class link and recording link via email. We will continue to do 7 day recordings.
Get ready to start the challenge on Friday!
14 Classes in 14 Days!

Each day take a yoga class with UPY either in studio, outside, online or on demand, and write down what you are grateful for!

Take a picture and send it to by Nov 29th! All yogis who complete the challenge will be entered into a raffle for amazing prizes, including a free month of yoga for you AND a friend new to UPY.

Consistency pays off. Hard pose... Ludis rocked it!

Ludis joined UPY on 2/3/20 and has stuck with us through the pandemic, practicing almost every single day!! She uses challenges as fuel to get stronger both on and off the mat.

Ludis, you are unstoppable! We are so grateful for you and the energy you bring to our community.

If you want to be featured, post a pic of yourself practicing yoga and tag us / check in at UPY!
200-HOUR TEACHER TRAINING Begins in January! This is for yogis of all levels who are passionate about yoga and want to learn more, as well as explore the possibility of teaching someday! We have 3 spots left.

Why Yoga?
After practicing yoga for a couple of days the majority of the people observed the below benefits:

  1. Boosts immunity: Yoga and pranayama (breathwork) are some of the best methods for a robust immune system to help fight against pathogens like viruses, bacteria, etc.
  2. Reduce Stress: Yoga is one of the best stress busters as per several studies conducted.
  3. Maintains Optimal Weight: A regular yoga practice can help you maintain an optimal bodyweight and achieve better physical health.
  4. Sound Sleep: Practicing yoga calms your mind and body which leads to better sleep.
  5. Improves Mental Health: Regular yoga practice can help reduce anxiety and depression. People often feel calmer, happier, more grateful and more confident after yoga.

Why UPY?
If you are reading this right now, we want you to know how much we care about you and your well-being. In fact, you all inspire us to keep going, despite the challenges and setbacks.
Let's keep moving forward.

We are humbled and honored to have received this award.

Thank you all for being part of UPY. We have something very special, and it's because of all of you.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Love, the UPY Team
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