November News and Notes
This November we've been lucky enough to work on some interesting wood working projects that challenged us creatively. we've also been doing a lot of caulking inside now thanks too Mother Nature for that... We've also done a few drywall patches, hung some tv's, pictures and cabinets. All in all, it's been a good month.
Tip Of The Month: How to keep your Home humid in the Winter.
We all know how dry it can get in our homes over the winter months, the static shocks, cracked lips and sandpaper hands are just no fun for anyone. there are a few ways to combat this nasty issue and we thought it'd be a good idea to share a few with you, like this ceramic cat you hang on your radiator full of water. Just remember the ideal humidity in the winter months is between 35% and 45% anymore and you risk condensation on the windows.

Reconstructive Nosing Surgery
We did a lot of wood working this month. This is one that was quite interesting. the flooring crew left without finishing the top piece of nosing. Luckily the supplier was able to get us a piece of wood similar to the flooring that was previously installed. We ripped it to size, and used the off cut to thicken the front edge to match the thickness of the other stair treads. A little glue and a few nails and the stairs are safe for use.
Radical Radiator Covers
This project was a blast to work on, we worked with caning which was a first and educational, we even had some say in the design of it. we built 3 rad covers in total and gave them all a good priming. We gave the rad covers taller legs so that the air would circulate more easily. we took the router to the frame around the caning and to the underside of the top to give the piece a more finished look. The final touch was some quarter round attached to the face under the top as well to add depth and a simple elegance.
Snowbird Special
The brutal winter months are upon us and many seek solace in warmer climates. Don't leave your home unattended, My Go-2-Guy offers a snowbird checkup package where we come and check for leaky pipes and roofs, vermin and attempted intrusions. We also pick up any mail that has not been redirected.