Let us keep this lamp always lit
in our hearts.
St Vincent de Paul
As we struggle with the brutality of the Uvalde massacre on top of soaring prices and a seemingly relentless dissolution of social connections, how are we to keep this lamp always lit in our hearts? We begin by recognizing the source of that light is God, the force of complete, self-giving love; and then we decide to keep that light always foremost in our minds. In that frame of mind of hopeful optimism Pope Francis wrote, “The Holy Spirit can be said to possess an infinite creativity, proper to the divine mind, which knows how to loosen the knots of human affairs, even the most complex and inscrutable” (Evangelii Gaudium, 178). Assured of that power of love within us, we turn to the person in front of us with renewed energy to listen, nurture, comfort, assist. I hope you see the effects of those attributes in this news from the Society of St Vincent de Paul and are drawn to join us as best you can.
You will make the world a better place.
Marty Smith, Executive Director
Congratulations to SVdP board member Sean Conway for being awarded the Alfred G Ellick Lawyer Referral Service Award by the Omaha Bar Association. The award is given to lawyers who have been part of the OBA Lawyer Referral program for ten or more years and helps those in need of legal advice obtain it for a small fee. We are honored to have Sean give his time to both this worthy program and our organization.
From home visits to answering emails; from stocking store shelves to filling pantry boxes; from making sack lunches to handing out clothing; from driving vans to sorting donations; from gardening to building repairs, we have the most amazing volunteers around! We absolutely cannot support our neighbors the way we do without them. Wouldn't you like to join this wonderful group of people who develop their own personal spirituality through friendship and service? We have dozens of ways you can get involved. Join us today!
Our Conferences are based in parishes all over the city. They meet regularly to determine ways they can support neighbors in need. We also have a group that responds to our Help Line and all the many requests for help that fall outside of any Conference boundary. Let us know if you would like to be connected and join this crucial work.
Thank you so much to everyone who donated at yesterday's Stuff the Bus event. Thank you as well to WOWT, Methodist Hospital, Two Men and a Truck, and NP Dodge! Our neighbors rely on us for this food and it is greatly appreciated!
Now that we are back to being a choice pantry, we like to have a volunteer accompany guests as they walk through to help them with their shopping. Would you like to join us in offering a friendly smile and a welcoming experience as they shop with us? Please apply today!
Some great news: The SVdP food pantry at 21st and Leavenworth has resumed functioning as a “choice” pantry again! Hooray! We are so happy to be able to again invite our neighbors in need into our pantry to select their own food choices, especially after the recent physical improvements creating a proper, welcoming waiting area and, as well, a larger pantry to accommodate our guests while making their food selections.
Each year, the Strawberry Brunch contributed over $20,000 to help fund our food pantry. This makes a huge difference in the Society being able to help people feed themselves and their families.  In 2021, compared to 2020, the pantry doubled the number of neighbors we helped with food.  This year we are on track to TRIPLE the number helped!  The contribution made by the Brunch guests is needed more than ever!
We are unable to host the brunch this year, so, we are turning to you with an invitation to help fill that gap for 2022. If you are able to help, please donate here to make a contribution online. Your help truly is a difference maker for families in need! 

Shop with us June 15-24 and look for our new Vinny Bucks in your shopping bags at the Thrift Stores. They will be good for $5 off a $30 purchase through July 15th!
The yard is looking lovely, with lots of fruit trees, flowers and new perennials! Thank you volunteer Char!
And the garden is becoming productive! Many beds will be devoted this year to growing produce for our sack lunches!
Thank you volunteer Nancy!
The number of neighbors we are seeing at our doors and on the street at partner locations has nearly doubled on many days. Your donations help us continue to serve our most vulnerable in the community. Thank you!
June 4th 7:30-9:30pm
Goldenrod Anecdotalist Society Presents: It begins
An Evening of Personal True Storytelling
On June 4, the Goldenrod Anecdotalist Society will hold it's first Moth-style storytelling evening at 7:30. The theme is It Begins, “… stories of launching, getting out of the gate, a first draft, a first try, getting a move on, getting the show on the road, or just getting out of bed.” Come and listen to these community-centered stories, or be ready to take the mic and tell one of your own.
On June 11 we will host Journey Through: An Evening of Poetry, Music, Art Film & Food, featuring the powerful poetry of Ikran Hamza, as well as five other poets. Ikran says, Everyone has a story; many have gone unspoken. This is for all the people who have been through pain, isolation, fear, and persecution who aren't here tonight to tell the stories themselves. There is healing in sharing; it can lighten the burden, connect us, and be a source of relief.
Music will be provided by the Mesonjixx Duo with Ameen Wahba and Kafele Williams. A film by Tessa Wedberg will be projected across the entire front of the room. Food will be provided. This will truly be a unique and exciting event in the Chapel.
Thursday, June 16, 7-8 pm, we will host the first in our Third Thursdays Concert Series. We are very excited to welcome back to our stage Cher and Gene Klosner, this time with a top-notch band of Omaha musicians.

“The Klosners, a sister-brother, singer/songwriter duo, have been performing their harmony driven acoustic piano/guitar/vocals sound across the country for many years. Having grown up on Motown, Elton John, Gershwin, Ella Fitzgerald, Fleetwood Mac and Broadway musicals, their music flows seamlessly from Indie Pop to the Blues.”

As always, events in the Chapel are free and open to the public, although we will gladly accept donations!
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Omaha at
Holy Family Community Center
1715 Izard St. Omaha, NE 68102