June 2022
Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say, but Don’t Say it Mean!
I encountered this saying quite a while ago and it still resonates with me today. The message takes many forms once I dissect it. First of all, it helps to clarify my message – (say what you mean) what do I REALLY want to communicate in an orderly and objective manner? The second part. . .
You Bet!
Prior to Covid occurrence and restrictions, I never would have thought of the term “essential business.” To me the word “essential” meant primarily hospitals, or police and fire departments. Then in March of 2020, our governor mandated that all businesses were to close immediately due to Covid.
I got the news at 6:30 in the evening that we all businesses needed to shut down at midnight. I immediately got a sense of panic . . . what should we do?

Everyone showed up at work the next day! Clients were calling, frantic that they would not get the jobs we had in process for them. We chose to keep our doors open and fortunately, three days later we were “deemed” to be an essential business.

Since then, I have given a great deal of thought and observation about what we DO print for clients.  My focus in the past (pre-Covid) was primarily meeting deadlines and making sure the items we produced looked great! Of course I looked at content as well, but now I have a deeper respect for the items we print that may truly be life-saving to the end user. Some examples are Medical Device Instructions, Mental Health Support Service Brochures, Covid Testing Instructions and Packaging, Community Food Bank Services, Organ Donation Information, Homeless Shelter Resources, Life Science Biotech Companies’ collateral, Women’s Health Centers, Pharmaceutical Inserts, Medical Office Charts and Instructions, Home Health Care Services and Caregiver Resources. We also print for many non-profit fundraising agencies who donate millions of dollars to the health and well-being of others.

In conclusion . . . yes, we ARE an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS and I profess this with a sense of pride!
Streeter Printing can offer you many ways to stand out from your competition?
Not only as an impression that reflects on your business, "clever," "impressive," "stylish," smart," etc., but also in comparison with your competition. For example, postcards are still the #1 best direct mail vehicle for several reasons, but one of the most important is, there's nothing to open; when your promotion is in the recipient's hand they automatically see the message, feel the paper, etc. And when special embellishments are cleverly used, it can blow your competition out of the water!

There are numerous selections available to embellish your printing in addition to “ink on paper!” We can provide options such as:

  • Flat or raised UV ( Ultra Violet coating which provides a high-gloss image that stands out)
  • Foils in matte or gloss finish that are available in all shapes, colors and sizes
  • Tactile textures to emphasize certain areas of your message (like feeling sand on a beach picture for example)
  • Die-cutting to create interesting and unusual shapes that relate to your particular product
  • Interesting folds to create an additional dimension to your message
  • Soft-Touch coatings which feel like suede when handled
  • Custom papers that appear “luminous” and create visual interest
  • Florescent inks that will draw additional attention to your printed piece

The most important factor in the use of ANY embellishment is to begin with a great design which will support any special elements you choose! Contact me if you would like to visit our sample room to view some of the extra features we have provided to our clients!
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