Tell your friends about ASI:
Our focus at ASI is relationships between humans and animals, but our work has always been possible because of relationships between humans and humans. In fact, for a long time, a small group of loyal donors and funders have been very generous and have kept ASI going for the benefit of everyone.

Now we’re trying to evolve to a more egalitarian model.  Similar to public radio and public television, ASI puts a lot of our content out there at no cost to the user. We created and produced the Defining Human-Animal Studies video series , which is an excellent, free resource that is available to students, scholars, and even non-academics to explain how certain terms are used within different disciplines of HAS. ASI compiled annotated bibliographies to provide summaries of peer-reviewed studies on various topics related to animal cruelty. We share resources on the Link and Violence , Law Enforcement , and resources for Students , as well as Scholars and Researchers , ASI seeks and shares important research and publications that have implications for animal welfare. Until now, we haven’t been quite as diligent about asking everyone who benefits to support the programming if they can.

Therefore, we’re asking you to help support ASI in whatever way works best for you.  There are many suggested options on the Support ASI tab on our website .
Social media users can contribute - one time or monthly - via ASI’s Facebook page . You can also invite your friends to like our page, share our posts, and set up Facebook fundraisers to benefit ASI. Facebook covers credit card fees, so 100% of donations made through Facebook go to support ASI.
ASI’s Human-Animal Relationship Team Monthly Giving Club (HeART) members truly are at the heart of the essential work we do every day to support and improve human-animal relationships. By becoming a monthly donor, you will join a special team of people who are champions for animals and people alike.
Speaking of giving, donations to ASI make great gifts - you can give donations in honor or memory of someone, and you can ask for donations as birthday, holiday, or special occasion gifts for yourself.  Tribute donations can honor the human-animal bond with a photograph on ASI’s website.

 ASI has just added a DAF widget to our website for people who prefer to manage their donations via Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). Most DAFs allow donations of stock and other securities, as well as cash, and provide immediate tax benefits to donors while allowing them to distribute the donations - which may increase in value - to charities of their choice over time.
Donors who are 70 ½ years of age or older and have traditional IRAs can donate their required distributions directly to ASI, allowing a charitable deduction and avoiding taxation on distribution. For more information, see the IRS website .
Planned Giving is an option for anyone who’d like to leave a lasting contribution, via a beneficiary designation or charitable bequest, that will support ASI beyond their lifetimes. If you have an IRA, 403b, 401k, or any other retirement account - or life insurance - it’s really easy to add ASI as a beneficiary, using our tax identification number, 22-2527462, and address (below). Let us know that you’ve included ASI in your plans and you’ll be included in ASI’s Legacy of Compassion Society .
There are other ways to help ASI , such as donating a vehicle and asking your employer to match your gift, if you’re looking for more ideas.

We are so grateful for the relationships that we have with you - our members and supporters. Thank you from all of us at ASI.