For these River Campers, the curiosity about what a snake feels like outweighs the fear of holding one.
Dear Friend of the River Parkway Trust,

I hope you and yours are staying well and safe.

Earlier this week, you may have received the River Parkway Trust's spring appeal letter. The letter tells Hanna's story about developing curiosity about the natural world, especially animals, over the years she attended River Camp Firebaugh.

Hanna first attended River Camp Firebaugh with her siblings in 2013. During the last seven years, she transformed from a timid camper who was afraid to try many of our camp activities to a curious young adult with a passion for animals. Her focus on the natural world, awakened and fostered at River Camp, not only led her to become a Junior Leader and volunteer at camp, encouraging the same curiosity in other campers, but helped her define her educational goals on a future in the Animal Sciences.

I keep thinking about how curiosity and the desire to discover can change the world. Around the world, scientists are working to develop new tests, treatments, and a vaccine for COVID-19. The hope for our collective future lies in the hands of these scientists - people who have invested many years of their lives in education and continued training.

What led them to pursue this critical work? Natural curiosity about how the world works fostered at an early age. The curiosity that develops from exploring the bank of a river, with a net and bucket in hand.

The River Camp programs provide a place where kids' native curiosity is stimulated and fostered.

You make programs like River Camp possible when you support the River Parkway Trust.

I feel hopeful about the future when I think about young people like Hanna who are discovering pursuing their passions. Young people like Hanna are going to make the world a better place for all of us.

Will you make sure they have the chance by making a special donation today? Will you help ensure the future of the River Parkway Trust's core programs of conservation, education, and recreation?

If you are able, please consider making a gift of $50, $100 or more. Every single contribution, no matter the size, will make a difference right now.

We will get through this time together. And I am looking forward to seeing you back out on the Parkway in the future.

Click here to read the full spring letter.

Every donation makes a difference. Your gift today will help ensure the future of the River Parkway Trust's core program areas of conservation, education, and recreation.