Help Communities Rebuild 
Post-Hurricane Michael

It's been nearly four months since Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle, but the devastation from the storm is still being widely felt. In the areas most impacted by the hurricane, there is extensive damage to buildings, countless trees that have been snapped in half, and local residents whose lives will be changed forever. YOU can make a difference in helping these communities rebuild stronger than before. Please consider making a donation to the following relief organizations:
Grants for redevelopment projects also are available to communities impacted by Hurricane Michael. To view a list of available resources, click here .

More help for the Panhandle may be on its way. The Board of Triumph Gulf Coast, Inc., will meet at 9:30 a.m., CT on Friday, Feb. 8, to take up a recommendation for the creation of a Triumph Gulf Coast Hurricane Michael Recovery Fund to be used for the purpose of ad valorem relief, bridge loans and other possible relief efforts for local governments located in Bay, Franklin, Gulf and Wakulla Counties. To keep track of this meeting, click here. Keep checking FRA's "Hurricane Recovery" web page for updates on how you can help communities impacted by Hurricane Michael. 
Show Your Support for 
"Redevelopment Works"

It is expected that our CRAs will once again be under attack by legislation under consideration in the 2019 session, happening March 5 - May 3. That's why FRA's "Redevelopment Works" campaign is ramping up to raise awareness about the importance of redevelopment. Here's how you can take action right now to help protect our CRAs: 
FRA Membership Resources
FRA provides members with an abundance of resources to help them succeed. 

From providing a forum for members to ask questions and share their own knowledge and common experiences through its members-only site, myFRA, to providing training and professional development opportunities, FRA is dedicated to providing the tools needed to assist CRAs and redevelopment professionals across the state.

For more information or to apply for membership,  click here.
FRA Awards Spotlight: Fort Myers CRA

The Fort Myers CRA won the  2018 Promotion Award   for Fort Myers CRA Testimonial Videos!  

Acknowleding that electorate awareness will be a factor in shaping how the Florida legislative bodies vote concering the fate of CRAs, the Fort Myers CRA commissioned three 30-second videos to explain their agency through accounts of its projects. Real people from the community -- a restaurant owner, a tech company and a mixed-use developer -- each gave personal testimonials of the CRA's impact on their lives and the community. The resulting ads will be shown on television, on social media, and given to the Florida Redevelopment Association to use for its legislative efforts.

To view these videos, click below:

Congratulations, Fort Myers CRA, and keep up the good work! 

To read more about this project as well as all of the award winners, 
Advertising a Position
As a free service to members, FRA offers you the opportunity to  advertise a position on the FRA website. Just send an abbreviated  version of the listing via email to Jan Piland at

All positions will be posted on the site open to the public for 90 days,  then archived for FRA members.

For more information and to search the latest job opportunities in the state of Florida, click here.
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Discovering the 2019 Annual Conference! The conference is set for Oct. 16-18 in Tampa. 

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