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MARCH 5, 2019
Op-Ed: Broker-Dealers Leading the STO Market

"As we move out of the era of ICOs and into a new era of digital securities, sometimes referred to as “Security Token Offerings (STOs),” issuance platforms and other technical solutions for tokenization tend to receive the most attention. A successful and compliant fundraise, however, depends upon a number of regulated service providers, one of the most important of which is an experienced broker-dealer (BD).

After soliciting feedback from 50-plus industry players, we’ve compiled below some of the current movers and shakers in the space."

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Now Redeemable at Over 250,000 Brands

"Brave Software is a privacy-focused browser looking to change the way users interact with ads; The company also leverages a cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token (BAT), to achieve that aim. Brave announced that it was partnering with TAP Network at Mobile World Congress on Feb. 26th.

TAP Network is an advertising and data platform “powered by blockchain technology.” The company aims to “give consumers control over their data and preserve their privacy while offering real rewards,” complementing Brave and its goal..."

Ethereum Upgrades as Hard Forks Activate on Blockchain

"Two long-anticipated upgrades appear to have officially activated on the ethereum blockchain, the world’s second-largest by market value, without incident.

At 19:57 (UTC), the sixth and seventh system-wide upgrades to the software, dubbed Constantinople and St. Petersburg, respectively, rolled out on the main network at block number 7,280,000. As seen on blockchain monitoring website Fork Monitor, there is so far no evidence of a chain split that would suggest a portion of ethereum users are still running an older ethereum software."

Nightcrawlers: The SXSW Startup Crawl After Party
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March 8, 2019
Austin, TX
NH Token Securities Sidetable
March 25-26, 2016
New Castle, NH
Crypto Invest Summit
Blockchain Technology Innovation
April 9-10, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
Facebook and Telegram Are Hoping to Succeed Where Bitcoin Failed
"Some of the world’s biggest internet messaging companies are hoping to succeed where cryptocurrency start-ups have failed by introducing mainstream consumers to the alternative world of digital coins.

The internet outfits, including Facebook, Telegram and Signal, are planning to roll out new cryptocurrencies over the next year that are meant to allow users to send money to contacts on their messaging systems, like a Venmo or PayPal that can move across international borders."

Security Token 2.0 Protocols: Debt Tokens

"Security tokens might become the first type of crypto-asset to bridge the gap between established institutional investors and the crypto world. Part of the magic of security tokens is that, at least conceptually, they can be seen programmable, globally tradeable representations of existing financial products. As the security token space evolves, we are likely to see more crypto-securities that are modeled after established financial vehicles such as bonds, derivatives or stocks. However, for that to happen, the existing generation of security token protocols needs to incorporate some of the underlying mechanics of the basic financial assets."

Long the Bankers! Why Security Tokens Need Trusted Middlemen

" The pioneers of the security token industry started it with an eye to retail investors – after all, security tokens (STOs) evolved from retail-focused initial coin offerings (ICOs). Fast forward two years, everybody understands a simple fact: It’s all about getting institutional investors to participate.
Security tokens may share some technology with ICOs, but they represent something completely different, the digitization of the way humanity decides who owns what on an immutable shared blockchain ledger. It is a vision that is several orders of magnitude bigger than ICOs ever were, and it is serious business – legal, regulated and grownup. "

Securrency and Vertalo Agree to Tokenize $260M in Assets

"Securrency and Vertalo have signed an agreement to tokenize $260 million in fixed income-generating real estate assets. The new agreement was shared in a blog post yesterday but Securrency and Vertalo announced their partnership in 2018.

Vertalo is a digital asset management platform that provides a host of services such as custody, compliance, cap table management, and primary issuance. Securrency creates interoperability among blockchains and legacy systems while supporting the secure and compliant issuance and trading of security tokens."

Over the past few months, we have been extremely busy improving our already amazing crypto cap table and investor registration platform. Check out the videos below to see how everything looks and functions today. Be sure to "thumbs up" and share the videos if you like them.
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