December 2017

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It's time for our year-end appeal and with your donation, you're helping us keep promises that save the lives of moms and their babies! We're getting closer to our $65,000 fundraising goal with more than $53,000 received so far! You can bring us even closer by making a donation today. Thank you for helping us give families a fighting chance!
"I felt totally in the dark"
Sharlene read all the pregnancy books and went to her prenatal visits, but she still didn't know anything about preeclampsia. She dismissed early symptoms as part of her pregnancy until she became progressively nauseous when returning from her baby shower. Things got worse from there and a blood pressure check at home revealed dangerously high blood pressure and her mother, a nurse, instructed her husband to call 911 and Sharlene was rushed to the hospital.

After an emergency c-section was performed, Sharlene experienced
eclamptic seizures, HELLP syndrome, and kidney failure. She nearly died then and later during her lengthy hospital stay. Daugher Kylie had complications typical for a premature baby born early under these stressful circumstances.

Sharlene is sharing her story to spread awareness about preeclampsia and its potential impact on both mom and baby.

"Knowing more would have helped me and my family cope with what happened," said Sharlene. "I felt totally in the dark and as I regained consciousness and they slowly told me what happened, I was so heartbroken. I had trouble comprehending and I felt so terribly guilty and stupid for not knowing about preeclampsia. 

"I feel very strongly that women need to be educated about preeclampsia and eclampsia both during and after pregnancy. I consider myself an educated woman and it still blows my mind -- how could I not have known anything about my risk for this and the consequences?"
Preeclampsia Foundation creates new giving platform for supporters
Did you know that there are significant costs associated with fundraising platforms like Facebook and GoFundMe, which charge from 7% to 8% for each donation?

While Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, recently announced that the social media giant will drop fees for nonprofit organizations, the fees will remain for individuals trying to raise money for nonprofits on the platform. 

This is an important announcement because many Preeclampsia Foundation supporters utilize Facebook and other fundraising platforms to spread awareness and raise money for the Foundation. It's also an opportunity to spotlight the true cost of supporting your favorite charity through these platforms.
The Foundation has created a dedicated giving platform called PFGive, which allows supporters to create their own fundraising campaign pages, make personal appeals, upload photos, and set unique fundraising goals. This platform is administered by the Foundation and therefore, greatly reduces fees and service charges paid to outside companies. In short, when you host a fundraising campaign using PFGive, more of donations reach the organization. We kicked off this new functionality with our year-end giving campaign, and the dedicated page has been shared hundreds of times across social media platforms and has raised over $25,000. 

We'd be happy to create your very own PFGive fundraising page that would increase the dollar amount of each donation simply by costing less per transaction. For more information on this great way to host an online fundraiser, contact the Foundation's Director of Development Sean Farrell at 800.665.9341 or
Federal employees: the annual CFC campaign until December 15
If you're a federal employee, please give to the Preeclampsia Foundation during the Combined Federal Campaign season that runs through December 15. 

Use CFC #99819 to designate your contribution to the Preeclampsia Foundation. Thank you for your support!