Have you ever been close to a scheduled rebuild on your furnace and unsure about its condition? You have orders to fulfill and a schedule to keep, but you are also concerned about a possible leak. That was the exact concern of Cardinal Glass when they contacted us about this time last year.

Cardinal had a float line furnace that was scheduled for a rebuild in January 2017. However, the furnace bottom was in a critical stage, and they wanted to be sure it was safe as they pushed through the last year of its campaign. Using SmartMelter's advanced radar technology, our team provided the means to visualize and measure the thickness of the furnace bottom on a regular basis. The project was successful, and we also performed our first validation trial on a furnace bottom. You can read a detailed paper on the validation trial here.

I am excited for Cardinal glass on their successful campaign, and proud of our team for their hard work on this project. We would like you to get to know our team a little better this year, so we will be introducing our staff on the website and letting you get a closer look at the people who make SmartMelter work. Our first spotlight is on Dr. Alex Ruege, our principal engineer. I encourage you to read about Alex to learn more about his background and his role on the PaneraTech team.

I hope you have a very productive second quarter.

Yakup Bayram | CEO