James just messaged me to ask if everything was OK... he didn't hear from me all day!

And you didn't either. I'm sorry!

Don't worry, I'm not sick.

Actually, I spent half the morning at the beauty salon getting my hair highlighted and trimmed...

... in other words, I was taking care of some important trumpet-related business. ( I might even attempt to turn the spa day into a tax deduction)

I'm getting ready to do a recital, and in the next few months I will also be trying to promote my trumpet lessons. Meanwhile, I don't have a recent photo of myself holding a trumpet.

The last time I took a professional headshot with a trumpet I had really short hair... and I don't want people to be confused about what I look like these days.

So I made an appointment with a local photographer. The plan is to take one and maybe two decent pictures that I can use to promote myself.
In the meantime, I've got to get gussied up.

And if your best trumpet headshot is older than my mom-mobile, I suggest that you get join me. Get yourself dressed up, comb, shave polish up your trumpet and do whatever it takes to be photogenic.

Take a new picture with your trumpet.

And then start to use that photo to promote your playing.

Some of you may be thinking, "What difference does it make what I look like? It's all about what comes out of the end of the bell!"

Don't be silly.

People are visual... and they can't help but make assumptions about your talent level based on your photo.

That is my challenge to you this weekend. Once you've taken the best photo you can of yourself and your trumpet... post it on Trumpeters with Real Gigs.

But don't stop there. Use it to promote yourself.

Especially on your blog.

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Talk to you tomorrow,