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The Ryan Firm Mid-Year Results

We win because we first identify your path to victory and then do everything possible to execute! See a few more of the notable cases from the first half of 2023 below.

Corporate Real Estate Litigation

Our client's $14,000,000 loan was put at risk through a health and safety receivership. We worked with the receiver for a full payoff.

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Conventional Lending and Servicing Litigation

We voided a subordination agreement to save a GSE lien priority!

Andrew Mase, The Ryan Firm Litigation Manager, won a bench trial for major Government Sponsored Enterprise in a unique real property dispute concerning issues related to an unauthorized subordination agreement...

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Individual Real Estate Litigation

Aggressive litigation and discovery tactics are employed for individual clients as well - and yield results!

Our client immediately regretted signing a real estate sales agreement, we got him out of the contract, and the other side paid our client’s legal fees!

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Post-Foreclosure Evictions

We consistently recover high value properties for key clients!

Two more high dollar evictions - languishing at another firm – get moved to The Ryan Firm and the clients see immediate results!

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Private Lending Litigation

Aggressive Cross-Complaint forces immediate surrender!

One of The Ryan Firm’s most recent success stories involves representing nine individual investors against the private lender who invested their funds in a property that was foreclosed upon (allegedly) improperly. 

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Appellate Practice

The Ryan Firm's appellate practice, led by Andrew Mase, is simply the best in the industry as evidenced by our recent results.

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Recent Client Testimonials

“…nothing I could ever do could repay The Ryan Firm for the services they provided for our family.”

"Two years ago we were named as a defendant in a dispute involving a difficult real estate transaction. Our realtor advised that we didn’t have a chance of winning our case and that the plaintiffs would stop at nothing to take possession of our home. Despite naysayers we were determined to prove that we were in the right. It was our good fortune to have been referred to attorney Timothy Ryan.  Mr. Ryan was immediately available and fully vested in our case, so much so that he took a call from us at his wife’s birthday dinner. Mr. Ryan and his associate Mr. Michael Stolzman treated our case as if it were their own home and family in jeopardy. They demonstrated tenacity and thoroughness during discovery which was very critical in our case. The Ryan Firm’s legal expertise and litigation skills during deposition and arbitration were unsurpassed and ultimately brought home the win. Mr. Ryan’s availability to us and his consistent attention to detail made us feel as if we were his only client. We didn’t have to be a big corporation or a wealthy client to be treated with respect and importance. Whether we had won or lost we know that no one would have fought harder for us. I am so grateful that I was referred to The Ryan Firm and would unequivocally recommend them to anyone seeking legal counsel. I believe in my heart that we would not have gotten the positive outcome that was achieved with any other firm. With heartfelt appreciation, nothing I could do could ever repay The Ryan Firm for the services they provided for our family."

“Never underestimate the commitment of Tim Ryan and his team to WIN!! Who you gonna call? The Ryan Firm!”

"We received a professional referral to the Ryan Firm. I was impressed with Tim’s ability to analyze and formulate an aggressive plan of attack during our initial consultation call. I believed that he would be the BEST choice for my legal defense, but thought he was more attorney than I needed. I felt my innocence was my best defense. Encore simply funded a loan. We chose a local San Diego attorney who was a first trust deed specialist with 40 years of real estate experience. What could go wrong? Two years of absolute incompetence and ridiculous delays later, I had experienced 2 failed UD attempts, $48K legal fees, potential loss of $260K equity, with additional settlement pending. I reached out to Tim Ryan to see if he would be interested in taking over the case. The Ryan Firm immediately attacked my problem altering the opinions of 2 judges (Civil & UD). Tim’s team changed my losing streak. The recent HUGE victory of separating my cases allowed eviction of a seasoned, sticky, illegal hold over possession. We obtained possession and now the path is clear for Encore to be made whole. Never underestimate the complications of real estate in California. Never underestimate the commitment of Tim Ryan and his team to WIN!! "Who you gonna call? The Ryan Firm!"

“Tim is a beast – the absolute best trial lawyer and litigator I have ever seen.”

"As a real estate lawyer and general manager of a major real estate development firm, I hired Tim and his firm to represent us defending an aggressive well represented “wrongful foreclosure” litigant. We had seen Tim and Andrew Mase in Courtroom action against the same litigant in another matter. Hiring Tim and his firm was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my over 40 years practicing law. Tim is a beast – the absolute best trial lawyer and litigator I have ever seen. He is passionate, brilliant, extremely hard working, articulate, measured, aggressive, fearless, terrific on his feet, honest, truthful, hard hitting, highly respected by jurists and opposing counsel and extremely effective. Whatever it takes, I can guarantee Tim and his team will get the job done for you. You’ll love him and his firm."

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