February news & updates
February 2020 | Issue 2
February Highlights!
February is Cozy Month
Enjoy cozy activities during the coldest month of the year! Click below to see a listing of all our Cozy February events.
DCU FREE Concert!

Ramblin' Richard Kruppa:
"Because You Love Her So"
Sunday, Feb. 9 @ 2pm
Ramblin' Richard Kruppa performs songs of love and affection in celebration of Valentine's Day.
Fostering Great Relationships
Tuesday, Feb. 11@ 7pm
Discuss the ways we feel and express our love and appreciation. Registration requested.
Cookbook Club
Wednesday, Feb. 12 @ 11:30am
Prepare and share a recipe from selected cookbooks! Registration required.
sniego gniuždės , above
Lithuanian Cooking Demonstration!
Saturday, Feb. 15 @ 11am
Sample carrot and ginger soup –  morkų sriuba  - and lemon snowballs –  citrininės sniego gniuždės, a nut shortbread. Registration required.
Get Moving @ Your Library!
Friday, Feb. 21 @ 2pm
Cindy Robinson from Jazzercise Hudson Fitness Center will be teaching a low impact/low intensity Jazzercise class suitable for most fitness levels including older adults. Registration required.