Sunny days ahead in 2019
2018 has been a flurry of construction as we reinvent the sanctuary and move towards our dream of welcoming more cats. Here's what we've been working on.

A play yard for 300 more cats. The fence design is a spin off of a proven stainless steel predatory fencing that is typically used to protect birds by keeping cats away from bird nests. We took that design, modified it a little and swapped the direction . Our goal is to keep cats in. Because of the stainless steel design, it is far sturdier and will last a lot longer than the previous fencing.
A second senior center. Because so many of the cats in our care are elderly, we are preparing for a growing aging population and have built a 2,000 square-foot senior center. This will help us keep a closer eye on the ones that depend on us the most.
Finally, we are building eight 20’x 20’ individual treatment centers. Cats in need of special medical treatment and attention will have a larger enclosure in which to recuperate while allowing trained staff to medicate and closely observe their healing. 

What we need to continue this life-saving work: While the need to build more shelters to accommodate cats is always on the back of my mind, so is keeping up with the increased costs of care for our existing and new feline residents. Our average cost of care (includes average of our healthy and cats needing extensive care) is $750 for each cat for an entire year. Your much-needed, tax-deductible donations make caring for our 600+ cats possible.

With a new play yard, treatment center and Cat-furteria and more, rare naming opportunities abound for donors with a heart for our sustainability. Contact me to become a partner in our work.
With hope for a spectacular 2019,
Keoni Vaughn | Executive Director |
Christmas comes early for child with epilepsy
Holiday joy makers Lanai Cat Sanctuary and Make-A-Wish® Hawaii teamed together to make a dream come true for 14-year-old Delilah of San Francisco.

Her wish? To travel to one of the most remote islands in the world and cuddle with 600+ furry residents of the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. Delilah is battling epilepsy and spent a day of play at the sanctuary getting a behind the scenes look at the operation that has a care plan for each and every kitty.

Help Seal heal and watch your love double
We need your help urgently to reach our goal. We sent you our story of two-time eye surgery survivor Seal on Giving Tuesday and hope you carry him in your heart this holiday season. This year marks a special anniversary for Lanai Cat Sanctuary. It's our 13th year with Seal, one of the very first felines who inspired our work. 

Santa's helpers Maddy & Doug Callahan love Seal so much that they have stepped forward to match all gifts made now until Dec. 31 to fund his care and love for all in the ohana (family).
Relocated Rhea finds love with California family
Little Rhea has left Lanai and found a home for the holidays (and furr-ever) with Chase and Kourtnie from California. What a journey it was. She left the sanctuary in the care of Manager Mike and traveled to Maui by ferry. There she boarded a flight to California and began a life unimagined as the adopted fur child of the William family.
12 year-old Basil’s life was sweet
When we rescued Basil in 2014, he was in pretty rough shape. He’d been living on scraps and charity on the outskirts of town. He was one of more than 300 cats struggling to survive on the streets of Lanai.

He had a tumor, dental disease, dermatitis and cancer.

Thanks to your generosity he was able to thrive after multiple surgeries and live the remainder of his years comfortably with us. Thousands of dollars was invested in his care and every dollar we devoted to his care was worth it.

Basil passed away this year in the arms of sanctuary at the age of 12. We sure do miss him.
Fur lovers unite as volunteers are needed
We always need volunteers to help us wash outdoor furniture, de-fur the fence, organize cat crates, replace baskets in trees and so much more. It takes a lot to keep our place fresh and frisky. Email if you or a group has got some hustle and muscle to share. Unfortunately we are unable to provide any living or housing accommodations. To learn more, click here .

There are so many near and far who support our work. We want Santa to know a few of our favorite friends.
Founder Kathy Carroll continues to love and support our mission. She's always offering a helping hand and recruiting new friends.

Donor Cindi Flating invests in our mission with money and time and regularly flies over from Honolulu to volunteer with us. With so few volunteers on the island, we treasure friends like Cindi.

Donor and volunteer Jo Ann Kocher has helped us assemble and mail thousands of thanks you letters throughout the year. We are so grateful for our admin elf.
Olena Heu wears many hats and titles including a tiara. A Former Miss Hawaii. Bombshell broadcaster. Entertainment luminary. Media Maven. Food voyeur.

However, we love her most as a kitty lovin’ volunteer for LCS where she’s served as an social media superstar and strategist – helping to rally an online community in support of sanctuary.

Olena shares her reasons to love Lanai Cat Sanctuary after her recent visit in this article here.
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