Exhibits are modular and easily adaptable to a variety of gallery sizes and shapes. Five stand-alone shops are included– 8’h x 8’w x 6’d (3’ for shop and 3’ for plank sidewalk). Roofs and plank sidewalk are removed for ease of shipping and assembly. Each unit has track lighting built in. Objects displayed are reproductions or lesser artifacts. Construction is current with AAM standards for safety and security.

The Fortune is constructed of 8 sections interlocking both structure and electric. Mast, bowsprit and figurehead are securely set in place after assembly. Mast and rigging are designed for a 12’ ceiling. Reproduction cannons are of cast iron and sit upon wooden carriages with appropriate iron hardware. Two cannons may be wired to computers and screen for digital firing. 

The gaol (jail) is 6’ x 6’ with ceiling. It has lighting and sound effects, steel door and shackles.

Other elements include two stocks (adult and child); costume trunk for dress-up with mirror; a writing station with 8’ x 8’ canvas tent for signing articles; a writing station with 8’x 8’ canvas tent for issuing pardons (reproductions are 18 th century versions and go home with the visitor).

Questions or inquiries can be directed to Jack Moga, exhibition curator at +1 920 227 8936 or Lisa Schmidt at hello@culturenut.com