You expect no errors, really?

Even great ball players sometimes make an error.  Aren't there times when it is OK if students make an error or two on the Daily One Minute Timing?  Shouldn't we let them slide? 
You expect no errors, really?

Cathy L. of Carterville, IL asks:

On page 17 of the manual it states that a student passes a set of facts by meeting or passing his personal goal without errors. In our school, 3rd grade, a student's goal was 45 multiplication facts. The student got 54 problems but missed one - 1×2. He got that same problem correct several other times on the paper but missed one and the teacher said he had to try again. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks! We love rocket math!

Dr. Don answers:
Cathy, thanks for asking! And a big thank you for reading the manual!!!

Yes, we do say no errors. But, it is clear that the student knows the fact because he answered it correctly. The error is a "rate induced error" meaning he made it simply because he was going so fast. Research shows that students who "know" something can still make up to 5% rate induced errors. So there are certainly reasons to allow the student some leeway.
I'd lean toward leeway, but it might cause a problem because you are being inconsistent. [Many is the time my students made me regret a momentary lapse in consistency!] ...       Click here to read more of Don's complete answer.

Student recognition
Positive recognition for Rocket Math accomplishments helps students build self-esteem, develop intrinsic motivation, learn to study, and get smart!
Please share what you do to recognize student accomplishments! 
We found this in the
In our building each level has it's own reward. If the child passes the letter, they get to stand on their chair and the class gives them a chair cheer (really, REALLY loud screams, cheers, banging on the desks, what ever makes a loud noise!)  

When  a child passes addition, they get to stand on their own desk and get their picture taken for the Wall of Fame.  
Dr. Don says: "How cool is this? And it doesn't cost the teacher anything!" 
Dr. Don's Training Tips Video Clip

Should we teach strategies for remembering math facts?
Should we teach strategies for remembering math facts? (1 min.)

You should try a Wall Chart in your room. 

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Yesterday, I saw a second grade class in Portland, Oregon, out in the rain, having popsicles as their treat for beating their goal arrow.  Their teacher told me they beat their goal by TWO WEEKS!!  She also assured me it was their choice.  Br-r-r-r. 

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