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October 14, 2021
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New This Week
Think Outside! Week 3...
Week 1 Think Outside yourself,
Week 2 Think Outside the box,
Week 3 Think Outside the church’s 4 walls, and
Week 4 Think Outside your comfort zone.
Four ways to think and realize what it means to be “blessed to be a blessing?”- Genesis 12:2 Over the next four weeks of October we will explore your blessings and how you can bless others through service to God and one another. God calls us to put our faith into action and we will discover what that means through our annual fall appeal. Putting our faith into action is our call by God and the Church. You have blessings and gifts. How are you sharing them? Not sure? We have four cards that were sent to each home and are to be filled out by every member. If you need more you can download them from the church website or pick more up at church during the week or when you come to worship.
Come! Think Outside! See how God’s love comes to life!
Week 3 of Our Fall Appeal
Thinking Outside of the Box is our 2021 Fall Appeal/Stewardship theme. Join us this Sunday as we now have 3 ways for you to worship with us 1) In person 2) on-line at 9:15am or 3) at our 10:30am parking lot service. This weeks reading is Romans 12:1-8. Our message will continue with our 3rd week of Think Outside...
Parking Lot Worship is back!
We are happy to announce that starting Sunday, Oct 10 at 10:30am, parking lot worship is back. It will be held weekly and include communion and singing each week. We know there are some people who are desiring to be at church but remain cautious of in-person gathering. We hope the addition of this service will be helpful and life giving. More details to be shared in our next Constant Contact newsletter.
Join us this Saturday for our Fall Work Day. We have projects for families around the church. Working from 8:30 until noon.
Please bring: work gloves, a shovel, a wheel barrel and clippers.
Sharing Gods Love
You may have heard of the Knit-Wits or the Prayer Shawl Ministry here at church but don’t know much about us. We have met formally or informally for over 15 years working on a variety of projects but the prayer shawls and lap blankets have continued as the mainstay of our work.
Because of the repetitive nature of knitting and crocheting, it is fitting to incorporate a spiritual practice of prayer when we are knitting the shawls. God’s spirit is bound in this ministry and connects us to God and each other. They are available for anyone in the community to give or receive, bringing comfort and a connection. The shawls are something tangible that “Brings God’s Love to Life”
We have many shawls available at church if you have someone you know that could use one, please call the office and we will get a shawl ready for pickup.
Thank you to all who supported the Doughnut Whole Gang CTK Craft Sale Brats To Go through purchases, donations, and volunteering Saturday! Together, we raised $735 towards the “It’s A Sign From God” fund for a new electronic sign for CTK. In addition, “Braty” the Bratman “relished” the opportunity to be “mustard” into service, and “ketchup” with everyone there.

Thanks, Rick
A mindful CROP Walk happened on Sunday 10.10 in the CtK parking lot. A number of us gathered to walk in such a way as to think about what it is to be hungry and to walk great distances for food, clean water, access to education or even work. For some people, the things we expect to be at our fingertips, takes most of the day, can be dangerous and even deplete one’s energy. When we walk or exercise, take 10 minutes to be “mindful” by thinking and praying for people who struggle in their day. CtK is receiving financial contributions to end hunger and to raise up people who walk endlessly to just exist.  Our goal is to reach $1,500. As of now we are near $500 collected. We will received funds through Oct 24th. Bring your check to church, in the memo mark it Crop Walk.

Youth Faith Information
2022 ELCA Youth Gathering
Deposits are now being collected for all current high school students who would like to go to the 2022 ELCA Youth Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Youth Gathering is known to make a HUGE impact on the faith lives of high school students from throughout the country, as they gather together for worship, service, fellowship, and learning. For all the information on the trip, please visit: . A $200 deposit and the gathering registration form for all students is due on November 1st.
Volunteering Opportunities
Drop off your gently used or new winter coats at any Fox Communities Credit Union locations September 30th- November 1st.

New technology education program available for adults
Help is available for adults who are having difficulty mastering their laptops, tablets and smartphones. One-on-one training sessions are available to Outagamie County residents age 60 and older at no cost. Participants attend a minimum of three one-hour sessions, which are held at Volunteer Fox Cities, 2616 S. Oneida St., Appleton. For more information, or to register, contact Chelsea at or 920-832-9360.
Shall We Dance for the Sexual Assault Crisis Center-Fox Cities, Saturday, October 16, 2021
Volunteers needed 4:00-7:00 p.m.
Need 10 volunteers in groups of 2
Volunteers will assist with selling raffle tickets (primarily all cash) - might have to use a Square Reader. Do not need to keep track of raffle money. Community First Credit Union handles all of this
Some volunteers will be able to sit at tables, others will walk around to sell the tickets. Should dress nicely and wear comfortable shoes. Dinner will be provided to all volunteers

Contact Amy Flanders 733-8119
Donate blood and be a part of a patient's recovery journey ...
Through donor centers, community blood drives and mobile units, we are active in your community.

Financial Support
Scrip Bonus Fest
Bonus Fest is coming Oct 8 – 31. Each weekend features a different lineup of brands on bonus for 3 days only. Get ready to stock up on gift cards and earn more on your everyday shopping.
Bonuses start at 12:00 a.m. ET Friday and end at 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday. If you have the Raise Right App you will be notified of the bonuses.
Check out these Scrip cards we have ON HAND for easy and fast pickup! 2.25% $25.00 (2), $100.00 (3)
Burger King 4% $10.00 (2)
Chipotle 10% $10.00 (2)
Festival Foods 3%  $25.00 (2), $50.00 (5), $100.00 (2)
Fleet Farm 3.5% $25.00 (2)
JoAnn Fabrics 6% $25.00 (1)
Kwik Trip $20 ($3) $25 (6) $50 (5) $100 (3) $250 (4)
Noodles & Co. 8% $10.00 (2)
Piggly Wiggly (WI Only) 3% $25.00 (1), $50.00 (4), $100.00 (4)
Pizza Hut 8% $10.00 (2)
Shell Gas 2.5% $25.00 (8) $50.00 (17) $100.00(1)
Shiny Car 2% $25.00 (4)
Subway 6% $10.00 (3)
Taco Bell 5% $10.00 (1)
VISA (5% Back) 1.25% $50.00 (1) $100 (3)
Walmart/Sam's Club 2.5% $50.00 (7) $100.00 (3)
Let Tina in the office know which cards you'd like by calling 920-788-6492 or emailing Aubrey
RaiseRight Update
With the new RaiseRight app we have earned $146.60 since June 2021! Thank you to everyone using the app and ordering Scrip! 
The Raise Right App has been successful for many of you. Thank you for those who have ordered! Not only does it allow you to purchase new cards, but you can also reload your old cards and both benefit CtK! When you pay for Scrip through the app, it ships directly to your house. If you opt to pay via cash or check, it will send the cards to CtK for pickup and payment. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Aubrey at Thanks!!
Thank you to everyone using Amazon Smile for CTK! A total of $1,449.28  was donated to CTK!
Don't forget to sign up for or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon mobile app.
Ways to Give
Work Financially Smarter, Not Harder 
When any office or cleaning supplies are needed, we use Quill and Amazon Smile when ordering to ensure we get some of our money back. Amazon Smile offers rebates to Christ the King Lutheran Church and pays us quarterly for all qualifying orders. Quill has numerous coupons and free products when qualifying orders are certain dollar amounts. We are utilizing all our money saving options!
Giving through ACH
Don't forget another way to give is via ACH! Easily fill out the attached form and either email it to Aubrey at, drop it off at the church office or mail it in! There are 3 options to choose from: Monthly on the 1st, Monthly on the 15th, or Weekly Friday. Any questions, please reach out to Aubrey!
Hello everyone! We are now accepting giving via Venmo! Please use the link below for another option to give. Our username is ChristTheKing601. 

Venmo Link
We recently updated our PayPal account and now members can give this way too!

PayPal is very popular and if you have an account or would like to give this way, it is very easy to set up and use. If you have any questions Aubrey can help.
Don't forget you can give using! 
To give through the church website click on the link below.
It's a safe and easy way to give any time.
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