May 2015 Edition
Dear beloved,

I would like to welcome you to our May Newsletter.

It is really wonderful to be writing to you all again. The promise and hope on which Nigeria stands, as a new government is sworn in this weekend, has never been more tangible. Inspite of the difficult challenges of lack of petrol and diesel, causing various institutions, organisations and other places to a near shut down, we know who is seated on the Throne. We know that this Nation has been chosen as the object of divine favour, and God's purposes can never be thwarted.


I advise us not to fix our eyes on our circumstances, but on our great and mighty God. In that way, we can see through His eyes, and co-labour with Him in prayer.
In His Presence

You have been chosen....get with the programme. 


I love the word "CHOSEN", which in Greek is EKLEKTOS. It's used about 23 times in the Bible.


The word means having been selected as the best, or the most appropriate. I like the phrase.....the most appropriate, because, the choice becomes wholly dependent on the favour bestowed by the one who chooses, and not on my or your performance. It reminds me of God's trump card, grace.


You might be wondering, who is doing the choosing? Paul in Ephesians,1v 4 tells us that God chose us for Himself and put us in Christ. Does this not make you feel very special? The reason for this choice we are told, is His love for us. When we go to buy things, we are always looking for the best. In our minds, we want to get our money's worth. God, however takes us as we are, and if we are surrendered to Him, we become His workmanship wherein we are transformed into the likeness of Jesus. In other words, we aren't chosen because we are worthy, but the choice confers the worth on us. On our own, we have absolutely no worth. In addition to all this, we were chosen before the foundation of the world. So the deal had been done and dusted a long time ago.


We are told in the same verse and a couple of others reading on, that we were set apart to know we are loved, we are special and highly valued. We are called to be holy, blameless and above reproach in our lives, by the help of the Holy Spirit. Much as we have to lead holy lives, there is the safety net of forgiveness, when we do something wrong, and in all this we remain in Jesus.

We need the help of the Holy Spirit to grasp the revelation in our heart that we were chosen to be loved by God. Our ability to respond to His extravagant, unconditional love, overwhelming and surpassing love can only come from a heart that is tender to receive His love. Remember, we are told that we love because He first loved us ( 1 John 4v 19). The entire chapter 1 John 4 is one to meditate on, as it will take us deeper into a place where God's love, begins to be real to us. As we respond from our hearts, we will enter into this fullness referred to in verse 17.  It is only out of this fullness that we will have love flow out or us and into our families, relationships, market places, cities,and the entire Nation. This is so important for the days we live in.

This was why God gave us the commandment to love Him with all our hearts, and soul and mind and strength. As we come into the fullness of this love, it then flows out of us to others. We become the love channels we are meant to be. As the world sees how we love each other, the Body of Christ will then become attractive to the world, and they will rush in.

Finally, remember that the transformation process for us to become like Jesus will involve abiding (dwelling) in Him so that we can bear fruit, and bear fruit that will remain (John 15 v2 -10  ).
The fruit is so important because it brings glory to God and fulfills God's covenant that we be fruitful. However this will involve us being pruned (cutting, trimming or taking away). This may sometimes be a painful process, but if we have learnt to spend time in the secret place, where we receive the Father's love and give Him ours, ( John 15 v 9-17) we will emerge, filled with Christ abundant joy as we are being transformed into His image. We will also be fully assured of the fact that we are loved and have been appointed to go and bear lasting fruit.

May the Lord bring us all into a deeper revelation of why we are the object of His love and favour and cause us to live from there.






Mina x




1.  Bethel Basic Sozo Conference 19 - 20 June, 2015
The first ever  Bethel Basic Sozo Conference in Nigeria is holding in Lagos on 19 and 20 of June 2015. Registration is now on -    click here!

SOZO is a Greek word used 110 times in the New Testament, and translated "saved (Romans 10:9), healed or delivered"

Bethel Sozo Ministry is a unique, gentle inner healing and deliverance ministry that was started at Bethel Church, Redding, USA.  It is being run in Churches on most continents in the world.  We are privileged to have the Directors for Africa, come over from South Africa and run this conference themselves . It is an amazing oppurtunity to come into more freedom ourselves, and also learn how to set this up in our churches, and help others.

The Bethel Sozo ministry is one that teaches how to minister in such a way that the truth about what God says and thinks about the person you are ministering to is discovered from God Himself by the person.This truth breaks strongholds and belief patterns that sets them free to discover their identity and become sons and daughters that Father God destined them to be through Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

2.   Voice of Apostles,
     Nashville, TN - August 10 - 14, 2015
This great event is one not to be missed.....!!!! It is organised by Global Awakening , the ministry founded by Dr. Randy Clark. Great Speakers, such as, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, among others are invited from all over the world and it is a five day intensive spiritual feast. There is healing and prophecies by different speakers. It can be made into a family fun holiday as children have their teaching too.
Please see the website and make your arrangements.
After making your arrangements (conference fee, airline ticket and accommodation) do get in touch with us at Lapis Lazuli Ministries as we plan to arrange a ministry time with Dr. Randy Clark, so would love to have you benefit from this as well.

Voice of the Apostles 2015
Voice of the Apostles 2015

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve you all.

God's blessings,  


Femi and Mina Bajomo
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John 15 v 16:
You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.
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