Howdy Pirates,
for starters, I wanted to share with you some of the great efforts afoot with the Virtual Deep Down Challenge #DivePiratesWanderlust
Ed Shearer is always a force to be reckoned with...
I love his fun last year vs. this year approach, and he writes his friends a personal letter, and lets them know what he loves about dive pirates and asks for their help...Go Ed!
The Dragon from trip past and the
banner surfaces in Team BS's efforts to rally for $$$, pledging to match
anyone's pledges to sweeten the pot!

I think the hats make the picture!
You have friends, right???
Don't be afraid to take a funny pic, tell them what you love about pirates and ask for pledges!!!
Helpful links:
Don't assume people won't give! I invited all of my facebook friends, and I have donations from people from all aspects of life, it's really inspiring when a friend from high school, a friend from a past, job, etc. values what you love . Lots of time left to start your effort!
It's like Pelican Christmas!!!!

Ever wonder where we get cool prizes for raffles, contests, and more! From great people like the folks at Pelican! They sent over a few things (and then two boxes arrive all these wonderful items that any diver would get geeked about! ) Partners like Pelican and their great rep Nora Wainwright make it possible for us to fundraise and pay it forward! Thank you!!! Be sure to shop Pelican for great lights and more, and let them know you love their products and their heart!

  Getting out and about...
love seeing pirates out being adventurous (safely) during this crazy time... check out Justin Batchelder navigating the Paint Mines in Calhan , Coloardo! Looks like fun!

We are good at adapting, right??? Keep finding fun things to do and share it with us!
Have a great weekend pirates!
Theresa the Terrible