April 2018 - In This Issue:
This is a moment to say thank you to everyone who supported Investor Briefing 2018. 

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A Home Touches More Lives Than One Family's
Christian, who we were able to help buy a home through Santa Clara's  Below Market Rate program 
Ever have a moment where your heart sinks only to feel it soaring moments later? One of our homeowners told us about his. 

Christian, a homeowner who was able to purchase a home through Santa Clara's below market rate (BMR) program administered by Housing Trust, attended Investor Briefing 2018 and told us his story: living in a duplex in early 2015 with his wife and two children, they were suddenly faced with rent doubling. Watching their savings get washed away in rent, they looked into the BMR program and spent, as Christian tells it, "months in a blur of paperwork and meetings."

Christian's most memorable moment came when, after he had all of the paperwork ready, he was told by Housing Trust staff there was someone in line in front of them. That was when his heart sank. 

But it rose moments later, when it was discovered he had already taken the first-time homebuyer class. That was when the Housing Trust staffer said:  "Well, since you've already taken the class and have all your paperwork, you've jumped to the top of the list. When can you look at the available homes?"

Christian and his wife Molly ultimately chose a 4 bedroom townhouse not far from where he grew up and within walking distance of a park. They have since had a third child and use the fourth bedroom to help foster youth. Working with the Bill Wilson Center,  they have already hosted a 10 year-old girl for two months before she returned to her family and currently have a 15 year-old boy living with them. 

Their home not only makes a difference in their lives but in all the lives they touch. Thank you for telling us your story at Investor Briefing, Christian!

More is More 
Housing Trust Silicon Valley CEO, Kevin Zwick
Our CEO Kevin Zwick started the crowd off with laughter at his silly childhood photos. But he also ran through the challenges that still lay ahead and everything that's been accomplished - none of which would have been possible without the support Housing Trust has received from corporate sponsors, philanthropic organizations, and just ordinary people who want to help out with housing. 

Kevin highlighted some of what Housing Trust is working on, including our initiatives to help those experiencing homelessness (like the Finally Home Security Deposit Program and Supportive Housing Fund),  the one-year anniversary of our affordable housing investment vehicle TECH Fund, our new down payment assistance program for homeowners, and the new initiative to encourage the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs)The accomplishments of the year have helped foster the efforts of ours and others to bring more resources to housing. 

More is more was a theme in more ways than one: there were 540 registrants to Investor Briefing this year and a grand total of 55 sponsors - both of those figures records we celebrate this year but want to break the next. 

Sen. Jim Beall Receives Housing Champion Award

California State Senator Jim Beall (CA-15)
With thunderous applause, State Sen. Jim Beall (CA-15) took to the stage to accept Housing Trust's Housing Champion Award for the tireless work he has done throughout most of his career to get more Californians to live with dignity in safe, affordable homes. 

Jim's work as a legislator includes most recently pushing SB3 - the significant, $4B affordable housing measure which will be on the ballot this November - make sure you remember to vote!

Congressman Ro Khanna's Keynote Speech 

Congressman Ro Khanna
You could hear a pin drop when our keynote speaker, Congressman Ro Khanna, took a few moments to talk about college students he had met who, until a short time ago, KNEW they could look forward to buying a home and enjoying a middle class life. 

It was a powerful speech and you can catch a lot of the highlights from the San Jose Mercury News story about Investor Briefing as well as the feature by the Silicon Valley Business Journal

We thank Congressman Ro Khanna, State Senator Jim Beal, our emcee Shiloh Ballard, our sponsors, our staff and our donors who made #InvestorBriefing18 possible. It really is an event you don't want to miss. Our 2019 event is 11 months away so make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you'll know exactly when to sign up - and please  support our work by making a donation! 

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