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Water Works Image Included in Art in Public Places Mural
Artist Larry Tucci_s Barn Owl at Fort Collins Water Works mural
See the "Barn Owl at Fort Collins Water Works" mural on a transformer box at Drake and Shields streets in Fort Collins.
PLF is honored that the 1883 Water Works has a place in a local artist's heart and is featured in a newly unveiled Art in Public Places project. Larry Tucci's "Barn Owl at Fort Collins Water Works" mural is painted on a transformer box at 1113 Davidson Dr. in Fort Collins, near Shields and Drake.

Tucci explains his inspiration for the piece: "Visually speaking, the Barn Owl is a perfect match for a beautiful place like the historic Fort Collins Water Works. There is something about these birds which is elegant and classic in physical appearance. The early American architecture of the Water Works complex has the same qualities: handsome, classic, timeless. . . . Combining this bird with the Water Works complex in a way brings the past to life, as these birds could easily be living there today exactly as they could have when the place was first constructed. They are a classic, timeless match, serving as a reminder of the past and those who worked hard to improve life for themselves and future generations."
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