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March 5, 2013

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My Blog Post: Are You Listening?
The Artist
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Refresh Your Work

Over time you will begin to notice when you just know something is going will be successful with a work related task. It may be due to doing something repeatedly that you've had success with before or it could simply be a hunch you follow. Keep track of when you're right about those work knowings; then celebrate your successes! 

Refresh Your Home

 Sometimes just a simple change in your home environment can refresh your visual perspective. And you don't have to spend a lot of money. Rain Embuscado shares some small fun and colorful changes you can make to liven things ups. As you peruse the options, go with what you just Know will work for you. 
For Your Journal 
Journaling Tip: 

Pay attention to what you know in your journaling practice; it can make all the difference in your daily experience.




Q: Do you record your Knowings each day in your journal or do you find yourself second guessing or even feeling too embarrassed to put it on the page?


I have found my journaling practice to be a vital tool in recording what I know. It then becomes a life testament of how accurate my knowings often are. This boosts my confidence and increases my self-trust.
You're welcome to join me in a new journaling exercise for your emotional awareness that I published in Outlet E-zine and am actively engaged in in my journaling practice. 
You're welcome to share your discoveries by replying to this issue of Refresh Journal!
You're welcome to reply to the weekly journaling question; I may share it in a future edition of Refresh Journal.
My Blog Post:
Are You Listening?
 You're welcome to subscribe to my blog Refresh with Dawn Herring so you will always get my latest posts in your email to read at your convenience. 
When you come to a canvas, a lump of clay, a dance floor, or a studio, do you just Know what you want to express?

Sometimes our Artistic Knowings
are just what we need to get started on a new project or enhance one we haven't finished yet. 

When we pay attention to what we know as Artists, that confident energy will make its way into a finished product/presentation. 

And, perhaps, into another's heart

You'll know. Won't you?
 "Creativity is oxygen for our souls."
author of The Artist's Way
Special Thanks to:
My good Twitter friend, 
for her super kind and sweet words:
"What's in a name? In Dawn's case, a beautiful rose. She's lovely."

Don't you just love it when you Know Something?

Like when you come across a situation, you have a gut feeling, and then it happens just like you thought it would. 

And you find yourself saying, "I knew that was going to happen."

It's that kind of Knowing you need to pay attention to. 

We all Know things, whether it's through life experience, inner wisdom or those feelings you can't seem to shake because your gut is talking. 

It's easy to dismiss some of what we Know. We may not trust our Intuition; or we may feel a bit hesitant to listen to that Inner Voice, since we don't know where it will lead if we do. 

But there are some things we just know based on Life Experience. It can be the smallest of things. Like knowing a food that doesn't agree with you. Or not watching certain movies because they make you uneasy. Or not reading certain books because the energy is all wrong. 

Whether it's your body signals, your closed feeling to something toxic or receiving a message that opens you up to fabulous possibilities, Your Knowing is a Core Gift that you should open and treasure every day. 

We touched on What We Know during our recent session of #JournalChat Live with our guest, Jill Winski, covering our topic, Your Journaling: Stay Connected (with Yourself). Highlights are below. 

Also included are refreshing tips for your work and your home. Plus a great new song pick by David Bowie titled, "Where Are We Now?"

So, when you wake up in the morning, make it a point to open that treasure trove of What You Know and then smile knowing you will take action on what you know and make your world a better place in the process. 

You Know, Don't You?
I thought so. :)

Thanks for making Refresh Journal a part of Your Knowing each week. 

Be refreshed,
Dawn Herring
Your Refreshment Specialist
JournalWriter Freelance
Host of #JournalChat Live and #JournalChat Links edition

#JournalChat Pick of the Day for week ending 3/1/13:   


Monday's Pick: How Food Journaling Helped Me Become a More Intuitive Eater by Sean Devenport


Tuesday's Pick: The Doodle as SoulStory by Kristen Radden


Wednesday's Pick: How to Use and Create Masks with Mixed Media Collage by Erin Leigh


Thursday's Pick: Your Journaling: Stay Connected (with Yourself) #JournalChat Live Transcript


**Friday's Pick: Tossed Aside by Daisy Ann Hickman


**This link has been chosen for Pick of the Week; please read about this week's #JournalChat Live topic in the box below.   

JournalChat Pick of the Week:  
Have you ever noticed when your perception changes on a topic in your life as you grow and mature? What worked for you before no longer seems to fit, whether it's a book you used to love, a song that touched your heart or a certain way you perceived an issue that no longer troubles you as it once did. 
Daisy shares about this very issue of how our perceptions change and how we can find a better approach to living with "being" instead of always doing and remain in the present moment with our new perceptions of how we are today. 
For our next #JournalChat Live discussion, we will focus on the benefit of noting our changing perceptions in our journals and how we can honor those changes by recognizing what is no longer working for us, thus letting go and embracing our new perceptions. Our topic will be Your Journaling: Changing Perceptions.
You're welcome to read this post prior to the Live chat on Thursday, and perhaps write an entry about how your perceptions have changed over time and how you honor how you perceive things today. You're welcome to share any discoveries you've made during our chat. 
So join us on Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 5 p.m. EST (2 p.m. PST) for #JournalChat Live on Twitter. Be sure to use the #JournalChat hashtag in your tweet! I recommend tweetchat.com.
Highlights from #JournalChat Live
Our topic for #JournalChat Live this past week was Your Journaling: Stay Connected (with Yourself) as we discussed how we can use our journaling practice to listen to what we know and take action. Highlights are below.


Here are insights from our special guest, Jill Winski, and her post, Taking Action on What You Know:
I find that I often want to avoid the "big stuff" [in my journal] when it's coming through. Journaling helps me to not avoid it! It does help me face what I need to know. I think it's "easiest" to keep doing what we're used to, even when we know it doesn't work. We need to "get it" at a deep level sometimes before we can truly act according to our wisdom. I think when we find ourselves journaling the same pain over and over, we finally get it -- awareness! It becomes more painful to stay in denial the more we see the truth on the pages of our journals, I think!  I am always amazed I've finally acted on what I know! We do need to be gentle with ourselves, though, because it's very human to resist what we know. That total safety of my journal is what has helped me grow through journaling. I think we need safety to grow.


 Here's my point of view and insight:

We all have things we KNOW. Whether it's our gut, our intuition, or our life experience. But do we pay attention to it? Do we find it valuable? Journaling helps us pay attention and derive value for an authentic life. Using my journal to capture what I KNOW is vitally important to my well being and to how I make decisions in life. When we recognize what we know, then we are faced with decisions, like when we have to say NO due to what we KNOW. When we recognize the wisdom of what we Know, that can help give us confidence in our decision making. The positive change we will naturally make as a result of what we know will make the decisions well worth it. 


From Madeline Sharples:

I think we can "get it" [what we know] and still deny it. Journaling helps me work through that. I am a firm believer that we need to take care of ourselves. This [journaing what we know] is a part of that caring.


From Andrea Lewis:

I rely on my Journaling especially when making life altering decisions. Trusting myself I still struggle with and sometimes the Universe steps in.  


From Victoria Musgrave: 

Showing up on the page challenges us to be truthful to ourselves. But [it's] easier to take risks on the page than in real life. I can "run scenarious" in my journal. It's a bit like scripting my life-with lots of rough drafts that stay in my journal. 


And to Summarize: 

When we use our journaling practice to Stay Connected, our confidence will grow and our lives will be meaningful.


Use your journal to stay connected with what you know and learn to trust your instincts and live a life you create!


Check out the transcript for #JournalChat Live on 2/2/13. Special Thanks to Jill Winski for her fabulous post, Taking Action on What You Know, which was our journaling resource for this week's live chat.

Join us on 3/7/13 at 5 EST/2 PST for our next session of JournalChat Live. Topic is in the section for Pick of the Week. 
When you look back, you Know.
David Bowie - Where Are We Now?
David Bowie - Where Are We Now?
As you notice your Knowings this week, encourage a friend to keep track of theirs as well. Sometimes sharing what you know can help increase your confidence when it comes to taking action on what you know too. 

Then celebrate that positive change your knowing brings--together!
Be refreshed, 
Dawn Herring
Host of #JournalChat Live and #JournalChat Links Edition on Twitter
Author of The Birthday Wall: Create a Collage to Celebrate Your Child
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