Open Day
In March we held our annual Open Day where we work in partnership with the local schools to celebrate all of the kids of Jericho. This day allows us to make connections with kids beyond our program. Over 300 kids, from 1st through 4th grades, were able to participate this year. And, many of our older After School Program students volunteered to help us as well! Our team loves this fantastic opportunity to show love to our community!
Where Will Her Feet Take Her?!
A lot goes on behind the scenes to make our Vision and Mobility Clinics happen. Thanks to GAiN USA, the incredible volunteers who traveled from overseas to help with the clinic, and the city of Jericho for making this day happen. This annual event means so much to the special needs community, and their families! Watch the video to find out what made the day so special for Selma.
  • 266 wheelchairs and crutches fitted for patients
  • 970 Eyeglasses given to those in need
Last month, a few of our amazing sponsors got a chance to meet the kids they invest in every month. When you sponsor one of our students at Seeds of Hope, you’re investing in change for an entire community.