The Autism Science Foundation would like to thank you for making 2017 a year of full of accomplishments 
for autism families!
Autism research can change lives.  In 2017, you helped ASF continue to fund critically-needed autism research that will improve the lives of people with autism and their families. You also helped us get new scientific information about autism out to the people who need it.  We could not do this work without you! 

Please help us continue to serve the autism community by donating to our year-end campaign, Recipe4Hope.

In 2017, here is what your support helped accomplish:

· ASF-funded research helped explain why people with autism show less eye-contact, described how girls with autism hide their symptoms, and identified new treatment targets that regulate brain activity and social behavior.
Paul Morris speaks at the Fourth Annual Day of Learning.

· We more than doubled our annual grant funding, awarding almost $1 million in new awards.

·  We provided funding  for  more  research trainees  than any other private autism research organization .

The Ross sisters join the Autism Sister Project.
· ASF produced the autism community's fourth annual TED-style talks, featuring distinguished autism scientists from across the country.

· We launched phase 2 of the Autism Sisters Project, providing grants to scientists to query our new database of
unaffected sisters.

· ASF provided substantial support to the largest group of researchers studying and sharing data on early signs of autism, the Baby Siblings Research Consortium.
Autism BrainNet at the 2017 INSAR Annual Meeting.

· We expanded enrollment in the Autism BrainNet, registering over 1000 new individuals to donate post-mortem brain tissue for research.

· ASF offered travel grants for stakeholders to attend major scientific conferences.

Riders finishing to cheers at Wall Street Rides FAR 2017. The event raised over $250,000.
· We posted over 400 up-to-the-minute  news items on Facebook and Twitter, providing critical information for families about significant new scientific discoveries.

· ASF hosted 50 weekly science podcasts with more than 134,000 downloads, offering deeper explanation and context about autism 
Everyone can play at Scoring Goals for Autism 2017.
research news for families.

· We formed AGENDA, a coalition of genetically-defined autism advocacy groups, to foster collaboration.

· We currently lead an international consortium to research best practices in employment of people with autism. Participate in our employment survey

We hope you join us in making 2018 an even better year for families touched by autism! Please donate today!