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October 10, 2016

Handling the Difficult Cat

How do you groom a difficult cat? If your answer is,
"I don't," you're not alone.

What if you changed your mind?

Cats are smaller and less complicated to groom and they offer a much higher profit margin for your pocketbook.
It starts with winning their trust and cooperation. Reading body language is a big part of it. 
If you do not feel 100% confident working with cats on a professional level, this is a lesson not to miss! Who knows, you might be the next professional pet groomer who exclusively grooms cats.
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From the Archives!  
Building a Successful Business - Management Functions

Joe Zuccarello guides you through the final four steps in Building a Successful Business.

When you know how to plan, direct, and organize your business, you have a recipe for success. 

Don't guess - get it right with this lesson from Joe Zuccarello. 

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