The season kicks-off next week (June 3 – 6), and we hope you’re as excited as we are! This purpose of this email is to confirm your subscription(s) and to talk about some house-keeping notes, from pick-up process to payments to special orders and more!

To our returning customers, thanks for joining us again! Make sure you continue reading there have been some changes to our process. To our new customers, thanks for choosing Fresh Fork Market! We’re eager to meet you and have you as part of our community!

And, yes, you did receive this email twice. The fist email did not include your pick-up location details -- this one does!!
First things first, here’s what we have in our system for your subscription(s).

If something looks different than what you thought you had signed up for and/or there are any changes that need made, just reply back to this email and we’ll happily make the updates for you!

Subscription One
Payment Plan:
Amount Due Week 1:

Subscription Two - n/a
Payment Plan: n/a
Amount Due Week 1: n/a

Pick-up Location:

If you have already mailed us a check and it's not reflected as paid above, we will send a confirmation email once the payment has been received & applied to your account.

**please note the payment amount above reflects the check/cash discount. There is a 3% fee for credit card transactions.**

Location details (address, map, hours) for each location can be found at https://freshforkmarket.com/details/pick-up-locations/summer-pick-up-locations/. Just click the name of each location for the specifics.
Upfront Payment Plan -- you can mail a check to our office (7501 Carnegie Ave) by June 3 or bring the payment with you when you pick-up your first share next week. Payments are due no later than June 6.

Weekly Payments -- can be paid with check/cash every week when you pick up your share or by auto-bill with your credit card on file. Auto bill processes on the date listed in red (image below) if/when there is an overdue balance. There is a 7-day grace period for all invoices to allow you the time to bring check/cash payment to the stop. Payments received at the stop are entered on the spot and the balance will be cleared out for the week.
Our packing process has changed – we are no longer packing bags on site from produce in bulk. Instead, we are pre-packing at our warehouse and transporting bag contents in one-time use bags in reusable totes that are to be handled by FFM staff only. Keep an eye on our social media pages ( Facebook & Instagram ) for images/video of this next week. Once we have the contents available next week, we’ll be able to demo this for you!

We will no longer be using reusable bags . Instead, we are asking that you bring your own bag/cooler/tote for us to transfer pre-packed contents into. Now’s the time to search for your stash of FFM bag in your trunk, closet or pantry! If you have extras from the past, keep them and/or wash them to share with a friend – we cannot accept bag returns.

If you’re new to FFM and/or forget a bag the first week, we will have extra brand new, never been used FFM bags available. 

Because the bag contents for each route are pre-packed based on the package + food preference selected above, please confirm that it is correct. This is the package that you will receive every week.

If you have selected the Omnivore share, we are unfortunately unable to make any substitutes for meat. The bags will include a variety of pork, chicken and beef. Since there are more cuts/sausages available with pork, it will be in the bag most often. If you do not eat any of these types of meat, please select the vegetarian share . You can select specific meat products in our online store or at the back of the truck to purchase a la carte.
When you arrive, please keep your distance from other customers while you wait to check in. When you get to the check-in table, let the greeter know your name. Our system works best when searching by last name. Some names are harder than others for our system to find, so we may ask for your username email address.

We’ll see the package type + food preference for your account and call up for the order on the truck. Please bring your own canvas bag/tote/carrier for us to place the bag contents in.

If you place a Special Order online, please let us know. We’ll also need to call up for that in addition to your regular share.

Extra items will be on displayed and available for purchase. Items available for purchase include, but are not limited to: eggs, milk, meat, yogurt, cheeses, canned goods, baked goods, grains/beans, jams/jellies. Check is the easiest form of payment for us, and we also accept credit card and cash.
All purchases at the back of the truck must be paid for with check, cash, FFM credits or credit card (Visa & MasterCard only) on the spot. The easiest form of payment on the spot is check or FFM credits (keep reading to find out more about FFM credits).

If you haven’t saved a credit card on file, doing so will speed up the check-out process if you don’t have cash, check or FFM credits available. We can still run one-time transactions via credit on the spot. It will just take us a little bit longer to type in all the credit card info.

To save a card on file, login to your account and go to the “Profile” tab. Click the blue “add payment information” button (image below).
We’re making credits available in more increments this year! Adding credits to your account also speeds up the checkout process at the truck. Once purchased, they’re pre-loaded on your account like a gift card and appear right away when you start a new order online or at the truck. Many customers like to purchase the credits with cash/check to save on credit card fees for orders placed online.

Credits can be purchased in the increments listed below. If paying by check, please include your account email plus “credits” in the memo line. We’ll add the credits to your account, and they will be available for use the following week.

As you purchase larger increments of credits, you'll receive extra credits on your account -- pay for $250 of credits and receive $262.50 for purchasing extra items.
The Carnivore Share is 11 weeks during the Summer Season. Pick-ups run every-other-week based on your primary pick-up location. We’ve added a schedule to our website for easy reference -- https://freshforkmarket.com/summer-schedule/

New for the Summer – there are 2 vacation weeks available for the Carnivore Share. If you know you are going to miss one of your scheduled pick-ups based on the schedule for your location, please submit a vacation hold on your account. Keep reading for more details about how to submit a vacation plan.
Our online store will be opening up soon! Lauren and team have been working hard to update the inventory of all our products. Items online include, and are not limited to: eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, grassfed beef (ground beef, roasts, hot dogs, burger patties…), pasture raised pork (ground pork, sausages, chops, roasts, tenderloin…), chicken (whole, boneless breast, thighs, patties, sausage…), canned goods (peaches, salsa, peppers, jams/jellies…), baked goods and produce as available.

We recommend placing an order online to guarantee you’ll get the items you’re looking for.


If you place an order after Tuesday at 11:59 pm, it will not be delivered that week.
Special orders will be delivered to your primary pick-up location . Before placing your order, it’s best to confirm your pick-up location. Orders cannot be transferred to a different pick-up location once they’re processed. (IMAGE OF PICK-UP LOCATION)

Let us know you have a special order when you check-in! Special orders are packed separately from the regular weekly share. Please let us know you have an order and we’ll call up for it on the truck.

We get it...life happens (you had to work late, stuck in traffic, kids had a play-date, or you just totally forgot).

As long as you do not get the Carnivore Share or pick up location set to Ohio City Provisions, you can pick-up at any other location that fits your schedule that week. We buffer our numbers just enough to account for last minute changes like this.

**Special orders cannot be transferred to another location** If you placed a special order and forget to pick up at your primary location, we unfortunately cannot transfer the order. Sometimes we can fill the order at the “new” location when you arrive, but we cannot guarantee we will have all the items there for you.

If you find you are constantly picking up at a location other than what's listed as your primary location, please update it in your account so we can adjust our counts in our reports.

List of locations by day and time can be found here - https://freshforkmarket.com/details/pick-up-locations/summer-pick-up-locations/
If you’re ever going to completely miss a pick-up, we allow up to 4 weeks of vacation credits for the Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan shares. Carnivore shares have up to 2 weeks.

 **To receive credit, a vacation hold must be recorded in your account by 11:59pm Saturday before to your vacation week.**

Vacations can be entered in your online account from the “Vacation” tab or ask the greeter to enter it when you pick-up your share prior to your vacation. If you miss the cut-off date to enter it online, it will not completely submit.

Once you return from your vacation, you will have FFM credits to use for purchasing extras online or at the back of the truck.

You will need to spend at least $1 within the first four weeks after you return to maintain the full value of the credits. Credits will be reduced by 50% if you do not spend at least $1 within the first four weeks.

If you are signed up for the weekly payment plan, your auto-bill will still process and you’ll receive credits to purchase items a la carte upon your return.

Please keep 6’ space between you and the next customer. Our team will be separated from customers by a table. The busiest time at all stops has historically been within the first hour (this is your warning so if you show up early and/or during this time frame, the wait can be longer than at a later time during the stop).

With our new process, it sometimes includes multiple bags/trips. Please keep your space until the customer ahead of you is completely done collecting their items from the table.

Our team will also be wearing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and hand washing stations readily available.
And, that's a wrap! Thanks for your attention to all the details 😊 We hope you’re just as excited as we are to get the season started next week!

If you have any questions, just reply to this email. We’re happy to help!

Looking forward to a great first week for our 12 th Summer Share!

-The FFM Team