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We are excited about our continued growth and the enhancements we are making for our higher education professionals.

Earlier this year STARLINK completed on-demand analytical dashboards for all STARLINK campus “managers”. The dashboard is designed to allow schools to track the professional development activities of its staff members and completed hours. The dashboard allows designated members of an institution (managers) access to analytical data on all registered users from their institution.

To gain access to the data managers must register with STARLINK. You can reach us by email at

How-to videos are available on the STARLINK website.


You're Asking the Wrong Questions

By Barbara M. Hall, PhD

You’re asking the wrong question. No, seriously, you’re probably asking the wrong question.

Yeah, that’s a pretty bold statement. But I’ve read tens of thousands of questions meant to prompt discussions in online course rooms, and the odds are I am right.

It’s true that much has been written about how to compose effective online discussion prompts. I’ve read a lot of that literature, and contributed a bit to it myself. But what I see often missing is consideration for the purpose of the discussion that is supposed to be prompted by the question.

This consideration for purpose is often overlooked because of assumptions we make. We, as course designers, faculty facilitators, or both, assume that we know the purpose of the discussion for which we are composing the questions. Yet, we have many different purposes of discussions. 

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Managing Difficult Conversations: Advice for Academic Leaders

By: Rob Kelly  

Difficult conversations are inevitable in any organization. Understanding how they arise and how they play out can help minimize the disruption without avoiding the issue or alienating those involved.

The causes of difficult conversations are varied-misunderstood intentions, competition for scarce resources, or a history of conflict can all be fodder. The key is to approach these conversations in good faith, striving for understanding and a positive and just outcome. The way an academic leader handles a difficult conversation can have a major effect....

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Teaching Tips are brief programs that will help you to tackle classroom challenges. They are Free to all educators.


Online Teaching Strategies: Relevance and Motivational Objectives


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