What Does the Game Lady Know
About Baby Toys?
It turns out everything. The founder of Mobi Games, while trying to keep her sixth month old actively engaged, ended up developing the best infant item I've seen this year. It's called Zippee. It's made out of food grade silicone, and involves babies in pulling assorted sensory cords, though what looks like a lunar module.
You really have to see it and touch it, to see why I think it's such a gem. $10 (packed 10)
One of My Favorite
New Items from ASTRA
I love Duncan's new Dragon Hawk Flying Bird. For starters, it's incredibly easy to get it to fly. You can simply gently shake it a few times, and release it. Once released, it's flying pattern looks like a real bird, and it can fly for a nice amount of time.
When your bird starts getting tired, simply use the USB charge to get it energized again. And that's not all...order now and get an amazing 20% off! This brings the cost down to $8.40.
I love this item!
Watch it in action:
An Insanely Good Sale!
Over the years, I feel that I have had at one time or another, sold every activity placemat on the market. Each time I was always up against Crocodile Creek's. They had by far the best graphics, and were the most engaging.
Finally in 2017, I could leave all those other placemats behind. We were hired by Crocodile Creek, and I could now sell my favorite ones.
What if I told you that I can get you 48 Free placemats, if you place an order of $240 (of placemats); I can also get you a free display. Not only are these the best, but this promotion is insanely good. Need to hurry though, as it ends June 30th.
Is There Really A Difference in the
Toy Awards That
Are Given?
The answer is a resounding yes. There's one extremely well known award that essentially serves as a system where you pay the money, you will get an award. They have hundreds of possible awards to give out. It's virtually guaranteed that when you pay their "submission" fee, that you will receive a "Best of" award of some sort.
Thinking that may be the only one who does it this way, I did a quick search, and found another award program, and looked at their application process. When you pay $500 "application fee' (non refundable), you will automatically receive 100 award stickers, and award certificate, media release, social media, inclusion on their online store, and more.
That's not all, there's an even better deal. If you pay $1,500 "application fee" per item, you get all that's mentioned above, plus a strong media campaign as well; that includes "personalized endorsement" from their CEO.
I do want to reiterate. You receive all of this, simply by applying and paying. There has been however, one award that I have had the utmost respect for.
That is the Oppenheim Award. It's the one award that I know of, that focuses first and foremost on the quality of the product.
Here's what Oppenheim Toy says about their process:
"Unlike most other groups that rate products, we do not charge entry fees from manufacturers. When consumers see our award seals on products, they can be assured that they are "award winning" because they were selected by a noted expert in child development, children's literature, and education, and further tested by the most objective panel of judges-kids."
When featuring award winning products in your store, be sure to also educate your customers. Steer them toward awards that are given with integrity and not just given because someone paid their submission fee.
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