May 11, 2020
Dear NAAAP Detroit community,

It’s AAPI Heritage Month , and we're celebrating. Read on below or click the button for May events with NAAAP Detroit, beginning on Tuesday, May 19th:
In this second week of May, we’re kicking things off with a snapshot of an important (and sometimes forgotten) history.

May 10th, 1869 marks the completion of the U.S.’s first transcontinental railroad, a historic infrastructure project that signaled the advent of a new industrial era in the country’s history. 

Although the historical record has largely erased any mention of their effort, the contribution of immigrant laborers to the completion of this project cannot be understated. Some estimates posit that as many as 20,000 Chinese immigrant workers around ninety-percent of the recruited workforce took part in the treacherous, back-breaking work of laying nearly 2,000 miles of track. History also tends to forget that these same Chinese laborers received only about forty percent the wages of their white counterparts, and that they were often burdened with more dangerous work.

These events, while only representing a small thread of the U.S.’s complex, historical fabric regarding Asian American inclusion, have been highlighted as an impetus for choosing May to recognize the many contributions and achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans in the United States. In this 28th commemorative AAPI Heritage Month, we salute you! 

In solidarity, 
NAAAP Detroit 

P.S. Another transcontinental railroad fact for the history buffs among us: On May 11th, 1869, one day after the last spike had been driven to connect the last of the tracks, the first eastward train embarked from California. Saddled in its freight? A historic load of precious cargo, Japanese tea.

Leaning into Your AAPI Cultural Identity: A Web Series

Tuesday, May 19th from 7-8pm

Especially during this AAPI Heritage Month, NAAAP Detroit recognizes the ongoing struggle against workplace marginalization for many folks in the AAPI community.

In celebration of each of our unique heritages, both this month and beyond, NAAAP Detroit is proud to present the first installment in our new, multi-part webinar series:

Part 1: Leaning into Your AAPI Cultural Identity for Professional Growth kicks off on Tuesday, May 19th at 7:00pm. Led by NAAAP Detroit’s Vice President, Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Jeedigunta , this event holds space for an interactive digest of your AAPI cultural identity in the professional sphere, which so often erases internal diversities and tokenizes cultural roots.

Join us and learn to leverage your unique AAPI cultural identity for professional and personal growth, equip yourself to self-advocate, and act in solidarity with other people of color. 

Registration is required for this free, interactive event—please book your spot here

All are welcome!