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Welcome Reception and Art Opening

Thursday, September 13, 2018

You are cordially invited  to an

Welcome Reception and Art Opening for the fall art exhibit
The Image of Psychoanalysis

We then hope you will stay for 
The Edge of Chaos: Play in the Analytic Setting
The 2018 Fall Academic Lecture
6:00pm --  Reception at BPSI, 141 Herrick Road
7:00pm --  Lecture, at Berenson Hall (Hebrew College), 160 Herrick Road

The registration fee for The Edge of Chaos: Play in the Analytic Setting is waived for
Early Career Clinicians, and BPSI Members, Trainees, and Partners.

Judith Yanof, M D, Presenter
Tanishia Choice, MD and Sarah Vasiliauskas, PsyD, Discussants
Jane Hanenberg, EdD, Moderator
This paper uses clinical material to illustrate how play between child and analyst can be mutative when a joint play space is co-created. When children are in play mode, they are in an altered ego state that is more fluid, more flexible, and more creative than their ordinary state. Children do not simply use play as a way to tell their stories. They also experiment, improvise, and try out new ways of being and making meaning between themselves and others. During shared play states, child and analyst co-create a new, lived experience, which can be re-organized and re-integrated into a different narrative about the child and his world. The author believes that these ideas have application to therapeutic action in adult analysis as well.