You Are Invited!

June 23-24, 2021
Dear Getting Our Fair SHARE Invitee,

I am excited to invite you to Getting Our Fair SHARE: 2021 Conference to End Health Disparities. The time has come to turn insights about systemic disparities in healthcare into meaningful action - and this conference has been created to do just that.

You have been identified as a key voice to help drive change, which is why I am personally reaching out to you, and hope you will join us at Getting Our Fair SHARE. Attendance is free, and by invitation only.

We are inviting people from four important healthcare constituencies to attend:

  1. Patients who have experienced or are living with breast, ovarian, uterine/endometrial, cervical or metastatic breast cancer
  2. Non-profit organizations who support patients or conduct research in female cancers
  3. Medical professionals who work on female cancers
  4. Diversity professionals and leaders working on female cancers from corporations and government

On Day 1 we will address issues by race and ethnicity, where speakers join fishbowl sessions for an open discussion of specific issues allowing the full audience to listen in on the conversation of each group:

The Black/African American, Latina and Asian American/Pacific Islander sessions will be followed by Fair SHARE table discussions with ten attendees each, led by trained facilitators to envision action ideas. 

Day 2 will focus on case studies that have already shifted the paradigm of health disparities--concrete examples that show how change CAN be made by a small group of individuals taking action.

Most importantly, attendees will identify high priority Fair SHARE workstreams for engagement and collaboration going forward. 

By inviting you to attend this conference, we are asking you to share your unique perspective and expertise to help end today‚Äôs disparities in healthcare access, experiences and outcomes.  

SHARE Cancer Support, with our long history of working on female cancers with a special focus on underserved communities is proud to convene this important conference. I hope you will join us. 

With best regards,
Carol Evans
CEO & Executive Director