Explore the fundamental research that drives the latest industry technologies and trends impacting sand and flow control technology. Please join us for the 2018 RGL Symposium on Wellbore Integrity, Physics, and Design; a collaborative effort between RGL Reservoir Management and the University of Alberta.
This day serves as a forum for discussion on the current research and the practical application of innovations in sand control, flow control and completions solutions. Guests will also have the opportunity to tour RGL’s Sand Control and Flow Control Manufacturing Facilities, including the industry leading proLAB™ research laboratory.

For your convenience, RGL is offering a complementary chartered bus service for all Calgary based attendees. Buses will depart from the Calgary Tower at 101 9th Ave SW at 6am and arrive back in Calgary at 7pm.


Rene VandenBrand
  • BRENT FERMANIUK, M.Eng.: How Applied Research Shapes our Industry
  • DR. ALIREZA NOURI: State-of-the-Art Sand Control Testing and Design
  • DR. VAHID FATTAHPOUR: proLAB™ -- Data-Driven Reservoir Solutions
  • DR. DAVID NOBES: The Near Field Fluid Mechanics of SAGD Wells; Flow Phenomena in Slots
  • COLBY SUTTON, EIT: Sand Control -- Real World Applications
  • DR. CARLOS LANGE: Comparing and Improving Flow Control Devices with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • DR. DA ZHU: Flow Control -- How Innovation Unlocks Global Potential
  • DR. JING-LI LUO: Corrosion Mechanism and Corrosion Control of Slotted Liners Under SAGD Operation Condition
  • JEFF CYRE, M.Eng., P.Eng.: Completions Strategies for Sand and Flow Control Technologies
  • DR. HONGBO ZENG: Fouling Mechanism and Antifouling Strategies in SAGD Process of Oil Sands Production
Reserve your spot today as space is limited.

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