August 2022

Housing is a Right

This September, REACH will host our Annual Meeting to celebrate 8 years of promoting housing as a human right with fellow advocates, community partners, our Board of Directors, and stakeholders.

We welcome you to join us! Please RSVP by September 5th to attend. 


Save the Date - REACH Hosts Annual Meeting - All are invited to attend - Monday, September 12th - Social Hour from 4:30 to 5:30 PM, Brief Meeting, Program, and Tour at 5:30 PM. Location: REACH Advocacy Lawn and Garden, 720 W. Main St. Rochester, NY 14611. Parking Available at St. Peter's Kitchen on 681 Brown St. Rochester, NY 14611. Please RSVP below and celebrate 8 years of promoting h

REACH Responds to an Emergency to Help Our Neighbors

The House of Mercy, a local shelter in the city, was recently shut down after a homicide occurred. Residents were relocated to a building at MLK Park, but this location was unsuitable for a long-term stay.

Local organizations working with the homeless came together to help Andy Carey, co-founder of MC Collaborative & co-chair of REACH, to contact one of REACH’s Project Haven landlords, Joe Polizzi. Joe is the owner of the Barberry Terrace building we hope to use as a shelter. Joe offered the use of his building for as long as needed to shelter those displaced by the tragic effects at House of Mercy.

Staff and volunteers from the House of Mercy worked late into the night to prepare the building for the residents and the Red Cross provided cots and bedding. After inspections by the city were complete, the residents were brought to Barberry on Wednesday evening. The displaced individuals will stay until the House of Mercy is approved to reopen.

We are proud that REACH's reputation allowed the city, county, and House of Mercy to rely on us during this time of crisis. We are deeply grateful for the relationships we have forged with landlords and agencies within the Haven.

Spectrum Local News shared more on the events here.

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