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When you give a gift to someone who doesn’t deserve it (forgiveness), you give a life-changing gift to yourself.

- Dr. Robert Enright

The 17 Podcasts of Forgiveness

December is often referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year.” Soon there will be 17 more items to add to the list of reasons why this time of the year is so special — 17 new podcasts focusing on how forgiveness can enhance your holidays and your life.

The “17 Days of Forgiveness” podcast series is a joint venture between forgiveness pioneer Dr. Robert Enright, co-founder of the International Forgiveness Institute (IFI), and Dr. Alexandra Miller Clark, Psy.D., a licensed psychologist in New Jersey whose upbeat program Psychology America, has taken the Internet podcast world by storm.

Each of the podcasts focuses on just one element of the forgiveness process and is between five and nine minutes in length. The first program "What is the definition of forgiveness?" was posted on Dec. 1 with new episodes added every few days.

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Forgiveness Research Tools Go Viral

Researchers around the world have been clamoring for copies of. . . . Dr. Robert Enright's forgiveness research tools since the International Forgiveness Institute (IFI) began offering them for free in April 2021.

In the 20 months since then, the IFI has fulfilled requests for nearly 800 copies of the highly-prized instruments. Those requests came from individuals and research organizations in 42 countries and. . . . 45 US states—and they were all provided absolutely free of charge.

"Our goal is to distribute the scientifically-validated tools to as many researchers as possible in order to expand the universe of knowledge about forgiveness," says Dr. Enright, recent recipient of the prestigious 2022 American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal Award for Impact in Psychology.

  • The Enright Self-Forgiveness Inventory
  • The Enright Forgiveness Inventory for Adults
  • The Enright Forgiveness Inventory for Children
  • The Enright Forgiveness Inventory-30
  • The Enright Group Forgiveness Inventory
Forgiveness Research Tools: Descriptions & Request Form

The IFI’s website, a global resource for forgiveness research, forgiveness education, and forgiveness therapy information, has been named one of the Internet’s best websites of 2022 by TheGoodEstate.