Community pharmacies have already experienced recent reductions to Medi-Cal reimbursements  under the new NADAC payment system. And on May 31st , the State of California, began  retroactively clawing back reimbursements from community pharmacies that serve Medi-Cal  patients for the last two years.
This action will stop cash flow to pharmacies until the state recoups payments, essentially bankrupting  community pharmacies, not to mention, deny patients access to life-saving medicines.
These actions are unacceptable. Discrimination against patients and pharmacies is why community pharmacists are taking a stand against the State of California and standing up for Medi- Cal patients, their right to life-saving medicines, and for all community pharmacists.
That is why community pharmacists are fighting back. Through the formation of
Californians for Access to Life-Saving Medicine: Community Pharmacy Advocacy Group , pharmacists  statewide will challenge the state's adverse actions impacting patients and pharmacy owners.
In addition, the coalition is taking on Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) who continue to negatively  impact an independent community pharmacy owner's viability. It seems as if each year they develop  creative new ways to financially penalize taking care of your patients. Whether it is DIR fees, GER,  or insultingly low professional service dispensing fees, there seems to be no end to what PBMs will  do to threaten the independent community pharmacy.
On June 26th, 2019, the California Health Sciences University will host Jon Roth, CEO of CPhA, as he speaks to members of local associations about how pharmacies can join Californians for Access to Life-Saving Medicine. To learn more in the interim, please visit: 
We hope to see you there!