Please join us for our first Salon of the Spring 2019 Season
Stanley Bulbach
Master Spinner, Dyer & Weaver

Sunday, March 10 @ 3:00PM
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Weaving is one of humanity's oldest technologies and most treasurable art forms.

While earning his doctorate at the Institute of Near Eastern Studies at New York University Stanley Bulbach was enchanted by the timeless Near and Middle Eastern textile arts and technologies. Since then, he has worked here in New York City as an artist whose canvas is literally ancient flatwoven carpets. 

Not only did ancient textile arts, technologies, and economies enable humans to survive throughout the millennia, they also expressed and continue to express who we humans are.

Traditionally, carpets magically transform the ground into special places for life's major events such as prayer, sleep, dreaming, convalescing, procreating, giving birth, and dying.

Bulbach recreates the ancient yarns from specially bred lustrous longwool sheep which grow shades from white all the way through to black. For colors, he uses the traditional ancient vegetal dyes. With those special materials, he then handweaves prayer carpets, carpet beds, and flying carpets to be enjoyed as contemporary art on the wall.

Bulbach's art combines elements of the Contemporary American Craft movement and ancient Near and Middle Eastern traditions. It also explores the crucially important questions of who we all are and where our modern Western culture and technology came from, since knowing more about the material culture of our past might help us more wisely navigate our future.

Third Sephardic Cemetery
A Carpet Bed
Project on the Loom
Ticonderoga Venus
A Prayer Carpet
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Mendez SoHo 421 West Broadway (between Prince & Spring Sts)

03/10/19 3:00pm - 03/10/19 5:00pm

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September Passages
A Flying Carpet
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Coming in April
Anne Elliott
Painter, Sculptor, Collage Artist
"Life Lines: Archives of Experience"
Sunday, April 28 @ 3:00

12' x 26' x 16'
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