The Ordination and Consecration of the Very Rev. Craig Loya as the 10th Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota will take place on Saturday, June 6th at 10am.

You are invited to join virtually to celebrate this new ministry and new chapter in the life of ECMN.

The livestream for the service can be found at , or on the ECMN Facebook page on June 6th.
An in-person Celebration of New Ministry will be planned for a future date when it is safe to gather again.

Check below for some ways to participate in the consecration both now and on June 6th.
Engaging in Consecration
We’re all mourning not being able to be together on this momentous day. With that in mind, we’ve tried to get creative about how we can express our message of welcome to Bishop-elect Loya and feel connected to each other in the process. Here are a few ideas:

Send the Bishop-elect a Note
We’re gathering notes to be sent to Bishop-elect Loya in a creative and tangible form. Please take a few minutes and submit a short thought, hope, or prayer that you would offer to the Bishop-elect as he begins his Episcopate here in ECMN.

Pass the Peace Videos
In the spirit of the “peace cam” as devised by St. David’s in Minnetonka, we would like to have a Peace Cam for the Ordination service. Please send us videos of you and anyone in your household (pets too) “passing the peace.” These videos will be edited and shared in the livestream during the Consecration.

If you are recording using a phone, please hold it 'landscape.' By uploading a video, you are authorizing ECMN to post it, together with other submitted videos, online on the consecration livestream.

Send Music for the Postlude
The Consecration and Ordination service would normally have featured a beautiful and diverse set of musical offerings from across ECMN. Because we can’t gather in person, we’re asking you to send us recordings of music from your faith community or ECMN affiliate organization that you’d like to share with the Bishop-elect and with all of ECMN. We will take bits and pieces of these offerings and weave them together in a video that will be shared in the livestream of the consecration service during the postlude.

If you have a digital file of this recording, you can upload it by clicking here .

If you have a url of a recording that can be downloaded, please email it to with the subject line: Postlude.

Send us a picture of your Watch Party
Having photos of your beautiful faces would have been a great take-away from consecration. In lieu of being able to see any of you, please take a minute to take a picture of whatever your ‘watch party’ looks like on June 6th and send it to us at .

By sending us a photo, you are authorizing ECMN to post it, together with other submitted photos, online on the consecration livestream and social media.
We look forward to celebrating this momentous event together with you, online!

The Rev. Beth Royalty
Chair, Transition Committee

The Rev. Maggie Nancarrow
Vice-Chair, Transition Committee