This is going to be hugely tremendous

Party Like It's 1982

On second thought, maybe not. Party as if your radio depended on it. That's more like it.

We're celebrating 37 years of being on the air on Sunday April 14th with a party like we've never had before. Come marvel at the things we've done and help us prepare for more great things to come. It's time to replace our broadcast equipment and an amazing assortment of talent has donated an astonishing number of items to be auctioned off in support of the cause.

Select items will be sold in a live auction run by Jim Bakker. Plenty of other items will be available in a silent auction. In addition to fine art originals and prints, we have a wide variety of gifts from local businesses to attract your attention. The inimitable Zoe Lewis & The Souvenirs will keep us entertained while Cape Cod Beer, Joey Rugo's taco bar and a raw bar from local purveyors will keep us fed. Thanks go to Cape Cod Cooperative Bank for their sponsorship of the event.

We've even commissioned new works of art from local artists with the theme of "Album Covers." More pieces come into the office every day, but here are just a few that we've received so far:

Mare Liberum - Mark Adams

Houses of the Holy - Helen Grimm

Velvet Underground - Sian Robertson

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook feeds for previews of many more auction items. In addition to art, there will also be gifts from local restaurants, guest houses and other businesses on offer. This is just a small sampling to pique your curiosity:

You can see more items for sale by going to the auction website powered by GiveSmart. More items are being added all the time so check back often. You can put in your bid and support the cause even if you're not able to join us on the big day. Of course, you can always support the Broadcast Equipment Capital Campaign by simply pushing the button: