A Small Business Gets Bigger

West Hartford Opening Saturday, Nov 26

Thanks for being part of River Bend's small business journey — whether you were with us from our humble Farmer's Market pop-up beginnings, or our opening on Main Street in Glastonbury, or hopped on board our Book Truck to discover us, or if you just learned about us and are eagerly awaiting our newest grand opening at 161 Park Road in West Hartford, welcome to you all!

It's been a whole 4 years since we've opened in Glastonbury — thanks to those who have come in to celebrate with us! We're excited to introduce you to our sister shop on the other side of the river bend this weekend!

This small business has survived and thrived — as Connecticut Magazine's Best Independent Bookstore! — only because of the big community of wonderful readers and our loyal locals stopping by to shop (and chat books) with us!

Thank you for shopping small

and being loyal to local!

We are closed Thursday for the holiday, but…

After you've enjoyed Thanksgiving with your family and friends,

come out and celebrate Book Friday, Small Business Saturday with us!

You can sneak in some more holiday shopping on Sunday (10am-4pm)

and keep your self off screen and visit our shops for Cider Monday

but we're also happy to help online at RiverBendBookshop.com if you can't.

Book Truck Event

Stop by Manchester's The Market at 1115 Main for their last event of the season, celebrating tons of local and small businesses. The Book Truck will also close out its season there!

The Market at 1115 Main

The River Bend Special Holiday Totes are Back!

We're giving away our free holiday tote bags — with fresh new limited edition designs! Any order over $100 in the shop or online (use code: BOOKTOTE) will receive one of 6 special canvas bags — great for carrying your newest books right out with you — while supplies last. Self-gifting totes acceptable.

River Bend Bookshop

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