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Craig, you're a Quaker?
What's that?

Yes, I'm a Quaker. Here's what it means.

Especially these days, especially in New England, it seems out of favor to talk about religion. Or to not have one. I'm often apologetic. “Well, Quakerism is about the most easy-going, liberal, non-conformist religion there is,” I find myself saying. Or, “Well, as a Quaker you can believe in pretty much anything you want. Some Quakers don’t even believe in God.”

Indeed there is a vast range of Quaker beliefs. Quaker meetings around the world think and do things in many different ways. Yet it seems to me that all Quakers have in common this one belief: that there is God in every person. Sometimes it’s called “the light within.” This simple belief has big implications.
For one thing, I’m not obliged to follow someone else’s instructions about what God wants me to do. Rather, I’m encouraged to look within. Only I can know what’s right for me. Related, no person has any more of a special connection to God than anyone else. There is no head Quaker. There are no cardinals, no priests. We all have direct access to God...

Read more here, including WHY I'm a Quaker
Here's a Quaker Message
Sometimes I speak at my Quaker meeting. Thee Quaker Podcast asked me to record one of my messages and they also interviewed me about it before and after. This podcast includes both my message and some chit chat about it.
One thing about being a Quaker, I’m free to define God in ways that work for me. Quakers don’t tell you what to do. Quakers don’t take oaths. So this message, like all my messages, explores a new way to think of God and asks questions. Listen here to the Podcast with my message.
If you’re curious about Quakers, you might listen to the Thee Quaker Podcast Who Are Modern Quakers? All the episodes are terrific. Very professional. And provocative. As their website says: “Trust us… for a group of people known for sitting quietly in worship, things can get kind of wild.”
If you’re curious about my other Quaker messages, I’ve recorded many of them at a place called Craig’s Quaker Messages. At that website you can also find the longer, unedited version of What if God is the Rest of Your Body? They cut it down quite a bit for the podcast. The longer version has a twist at the end.
Let me know what you think, or what you're wondering.
Free Training Talk Show on Wednesday!

When you are in a conflict with someone or if you have to work with someone you don't like, it's easiest NOT to talk.

When it comes to politics, we are increasingly separating ourselves from each other. If I believe strongly about a political issue, I'm apt to "not talk to those people" who think different from me. Yet here too, NOT talking separates us.

In this session I'm going to share strategies for talking with adversaries; people whom we perceive are against us. How do you even get an adversary to the table; open to a conversation? How to start a conversation? What specific words to use? How to keep a conversation going? We're going to discuss these and related questions.

And I’m going to ask you to share YOUR strategies. It’s a TALK Show; we’re gonna talk about this. We’re going to learn from each other. And support each other. And after the session I will provide each participant with Highlight Notes from what we discussed, including links to resources.
My Training Talk Shows are always free. Always interactive. Just 50 minutes online.

WEDNESDAY, August 30, 1pm Maine TimeHHFreeHHRegister Here
Define Team Roles with Clarity

Kristin Arnold is one of my favorite speakers and trainers. And she's been a mentor. I have learned a lot from her in person.

In this short article she encourages groups to clarify roles (who's goin g to do what), and she distinguished between task behaviors and maintenance behaviors.

She says: "Most people want to know where they belong on the team — why they are there and what is expected of them. Take the time to clarify their roles."

Together We Decide spotted in Atlanta Airport

It's such a thrill every time I see it on a shelf!

This time I was traveling through Atlanta Airport on my way to give a Keynote Speech last week in Huntsville for Main Street Alabama.

If you haven't yet grabbed your copy at an airport, get it at your local bookstore or at any online retailer.
And here at the Portland Jetport last month

The full title is Together We Decide, An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions. It's received good reviews and seems to be pretty popular. I hope you like it!

Consider inviting me
to talk with your group

I have given keynote speeches at conferences across the country and I love doing it.

A popular topic lately has been: How to Find Personal Peace in the Midst of Conflict.

Give your conference participants a treat and provide them with practical tools that they can use on the job and also at home. In my keynotes I tell memorable stories and I explain simple, proven concepts. My keynotes are always interactive and I always provide notes afterwards with links to resources.

To convey true appreciation and lasting value, some groups also provide each participant with a copy of my book: Together We Decide, An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions.

Please reach out and let's talk about your upcoming conference or group gathering.

Learn about my Keynote Speeches and watch some sample videos right here.
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