February 2020   
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What makes a Rock Star? The guitar? The band? Celebrity status? Maybe for some, but for us, it's someone who is recognized in his or her area of expertise, just as we recognize you for the great work you do in solid waste management and recycling!

And, speaking of rock stars, we are happy to share that Eco Partners President, Elizabeth Roe, has just been recognized by the Indiana Recycling Coalition (IRC) as one of 30 Recycling Rock Stars.  In celebrating its 30th year as an Indiana nonprofit organization, the IRC is congratulating 30 individuals who have made a significant impact on the organization, its mission, and the circular economy in the state of Indiana.

According to the IRC, Elizabeth was chosen for her work empowering the public to understand and improve recycling efforts through Eco Partners education campaigns for all ages. Eco Partners newsletters about waste and sustainability reach over one million people, including students in K-12 schools across the nation. 

We would love to help you empower your community to understand and improve upon local recycling and waste management efforts. If you want to know more about how we can help, please reach out to Elizabeth by phone or email below. 

Rock on, Recycling Rock Star! 
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Eco Partners

P.S. Shoutouts to our former client, Dean Smith, retired director of the East Central Indiana Solid Waste District, and to current client, Amy Sieferman, Outreach Coordinator for Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District, for also being named as IRC Recycling Rock Stars!
Way to go, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth Roe, Eco Partners President
In its announcement naming Eco Partners President Elizabeth Roe as one of its 30 Recyling Rock Stars, the Indiana Recycling Coalition notes that, "Translating techno-speak or regulatory language into understandable information helps localities bridge the recycling gap and improve outcomes."

The IRC goes on to say that Elizabeth "reminds us all that recycling 'rules' differ from one jurisdiction to another, so it is imperative to pay close attention to what your particular municipality can accommodate in the recycling bin. Read their literature when it arrives and familiarize yourself on the best recycling practices unique to your locality. Thanks to companies like Eco Partners and people like Roe, accessing that information is easier than ever before."

Thanks, IRC, for recognizing Elizabeth as one of your Rock Stars. She has always been one to her staff!

Eco Partners helps you deliver local environmental educational information 

cost-effectively and efficiently. 

We do all the heavy lifting. You get all the credit! 


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