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Summer is over and it's time for fall shopping. You might be back at work without as much free time as just a month ago. You might be traveling a bit. You might still be nervous about coming in on busy shopping days. You might be helping care for your children or grandchildren. Whatever fills your hours, we want you to choose your own day for a Fall Shopping Splurge.
That's right. Choose a day - any day* - from now through Sunday, October 18 (that's a WHOLE month!), to shop to your heart's content and declare it "MY DAY!." We'll take 20% off ALL your purchases that day. Well, almost all*. But you can only use it one time/one day, so get your special day jotted on your calendar. You don't want to miss it!

Have fun exploring the store, trying on fashions, thinking ahead about holiday gifts. Take as much time as you like. We'll give you as much or as little help as you want. Then just show us this "coupon" (or click here to print it) and we'll gladly take 20% off your lovely choices* and celebrate your shopping splurge with you. It's just for you!
*Discount eligible on full-price, non-consignment items. Discounted sale of items is a final sale. No returns, please, as you enjoy this great discount. And remember that we're still closed on Mondays.
Habitat - Clothes to Live In

"Nobody can define you like you." Now, where have I seen that before. Oh, yes, under my signature on each newsletter. It's one of our guiding principals at World's Window. When you come shopping, whether it's for clothing, home decor or even gifts for friends, our most important job is listening to you and helping you find what "fits" for your style and your life. When a smile lights up your face as you look in the mirror or imagine a certain textile or basket or wall art piece in your home, we smile too.

Habitat Clothing is a perfect fit for World's Window. Suzanne Williams, Habitat Clothing Founder, expresses this about the styles she creates. "I strive to enhance women's style, not dictate it. Hence my obsession with creating wearable, stylish clothing that looks great, goes anywhere and fits well - the clothes you truly live in."
HAT Suzanne
Suzanne really understands women. "We all want to look relevant and current, but in our own way, reflecting our own sense of self and style. While I’m guilty of pouring over the latest fashion magazines, I’m often thinking, 'Who really wears that?' I aim to enhance your style, not dictate it."

One of Suzanne's favorite things to do is antiquing. Her eyes search for interesting patterns and shapes in and on almost anything. She looks for vintage textiles and buttons. The warmth and colors of old, worn objects inspires her choices of fabrics and yarns and notions as she designs fall fashions.

Suzanna again: "I hope you feel the same warmth and joy in the fall season that I do. The early signs of Fall, the crisp morning air, a cozy top and a good cup of coffee with friends on the back patio are the simple things I might have taken for granted just a year ago. Whether you’re living the simple life or a life on the go, we hope you’ll be doing it in a cozy Habitat outfit. We believe that no matter how good you look, if you don’t feel good, you won’t live in it. We hope you’ll live in our clothes."

Enjoy hearing Suzanne speak about her journey in designing wearable fashions with you in mind.
Shopping . . .
Click here or on the picture above to see our current selection of great Habitat tops and tunics for fall. Enjoy Suzanne's designs that are always comfortable and ready for life as you live it.
And how luscious are these bags?!? Just arrived from Guatemala, these gorgeous leather bags incorporate one-of-a-kind, handwoven textiles into the designs. Each bag is exquisitely made for years of enjoyment. Click on the picture above or here to see them all. These bags come from John and Shari at Altiplano, the same company that sends us wonderful hand-carved "Santos" figures. Do you remember their story? Click here to re-visit Day 33 of our "Around The World" journey.
Out and About: Secret Kansas City

With a title like that, why wouldn't you click on the link provided to check it out? Precisely. So, of course I did. And it took me to yet another Creative Adventure from KCUR with encouragement to explore our city and surrounding area.

We agree that with the first several cool days of fall, it’s hard not to want to get out and about, especially since we’ve mostly been cooped up for six months.  

A grand-piano shaped park? David Rice Atchison as President of the United States? Anxiety the Cow? Horse Fountains?
Of course I needed to share a picture* of Anxiety the Cow. Impressive, I'd say.

These 4 adventures are drawn from the new book "Secret Kansas City," written by KCUR's Anne Kniggendorf which features 83 new places you can check out for a little adventure as your travel "Out and About." Click here to find the adventures and more information about "Secret Kansas City." Then get outside and enjoy exploring Kansas City!
*Anxiety the Cow 1887 | James Harvey Sanders - Wikimedia
Quan Yin
 What a joy this week to open our door each morning and feel the coolness of the season changing. Yes, it might warm up quite a bit during the day, but the morning holds the promise of fall and, we hope, gorgeous colors in our world. The early morning light also whispers that fall is arriving. The slant of the sun's rays bathe our garden in new, softer light. I pause and stand in wonder of how the light creates visual masterpieces that shift and change by the minute. Our natural world is amazing!

Have a wonderful weekend! If it includes shopping at World's Window, be sure to bring along your VIP coupon in print or on your phone. Besides the wonderful fashions from Habitat, we've received some new African masks, some Mexican crosses and a lovely Sacred Heart, more sweet little carved stone animals from Kenya, and the fuzziest of fuzzy Alpaca bears and sheep.

We thank you for your continued shopping support. And I can't say it enough times - YOU are an important part of what makes World's Window so special! THANK YOU!
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