We wish our volunteers, board members and staff a Happy Valentine's Day!
Thank you for sharing so much kindness, care and even love
to our patients that count on us. Thank you!
The Survey Results

Houston Ground Angels' newsletter goes out to 432 active and non-active volunteers. The survey went to everyone and we had 43 people respond.

Active and non-active volunteers are
all welcome at our events!

The Highlights:
100% voted for the Holiday/Christmas Parties,
it was number one.
The stadium tours came in second, with museum tours third and the least was coffees in private homes.
However, there were many compliments in the comment section on the coffees in homes we have had previously.

The most requested hours for events and happenings was daylight hours. In another question about actual time,
4:00 and 6:00 were the most popular.

Events People Would Like to See Offered?

Golf and Tennis activities, Tour of the Federal Bldg, and a community garage sale to support Houston Ground Angels.

92 percent said they were very likely to attend an event in 2019 and 81 percent said they would consider bringing a friend.

There were no suggestions for events. Yet, we
do take event suggestions throughout the year
so if you think of something, please send it my way.

And last but not least, seven people said they were available to help with events. However, this questionaire was anonymous, so we do not have names. If you are still interested, please email me at ladymaitland@msn.com.

Thank you to everyone who answered the survey. If you did not answer the survey, and you have a few minutes now, we would love to hear from you, so please consider reviewing the survey again and possibly answering the few questions. Thank you.
Houston Ground Angels
Management Review
February 2019
Tony Castiglie, Vice President & Treasurer
Looking back at the month of January, are you not glad you live in Houston and not in the hinterland of the upper Midwest? I lived in Milwaukee for three winters and that is a major reason I have lived in Houston for 50 years. Although here it seems like summer never ends, up there it is winter that never ends. It seems like I froze my buns every day I lived there. And you do not need to shovel heat?
2019 is off to a good start. We ran 257 Missions, the third best January ever.  Thirty-four volunteers made that happen. We had a little help from Uber and more on that a little later.
As always, the Archangels stepped-up and they are the primary reason for our early success. Who are they:
Top 10 Volunteers – 2019
1.      Dick Stabell                     41
1.      Charles Whitworth        41
3.     Sandra Begalke               34
4.     Tony LaRosa                   12
4.     David LaFargue              12
6.     Bo Hunter                        11
7.      Laurie Galland               10
8.     Derek King                        9
9.     Christine Reid                   7
10.    Peggy Johnson                 6

A special mention is in order for a very special volunteer. Charles Whitworth just ran his Mission #1,500! Where do you find volunteers like that? Houston Ground Angels, that’s where! We have a few other Archangels coming up for special mention & they will be announced over the next several months.
In several previous Management Review articles, I mentioned that word has gotten out about Houston Ground Angels, so much so that we were not keeping up with the requests for services we were receiving from patients and too many missions were going unfilled. We began looking at Uber as a possible option for addressing this issue and we have had some success. The missions most difficult to fill are those during heavy rush hour traffic, late night missions or last-minute requests. Uber can solve those problems, although only a volunteer can provide the personal touch that sets us apart. It is still better than leaving the patient to fend for themselves. We will see how it goes.
As always, to every volunteer who steps up, thanks for your contribution. 2019 is looking good!

Mission Anyone?

Please review the website and see if there is a mission that fits your schedule:

Thank you for considering taking a Mission!

Events and Gatherings

Upcoming events and gatherings will be announced in the upcoming newsletters. And please consider joining us. We hope to see you soon.

Question: Do you read your emails on your cell phone? If so, can you read the newsletters on your cell phones? Please hit reply with your answers.

Have a nice Valentine's Day, and thank you
for all you do for our patients!