A Message of Thanks
Each year as spring comes around, there is an enhanced sense of optimism as we look forward to warmer weather, more sunshine and new flowers. At Renascent, we have a similar sense of optimism year-round when new clients walk through our doors. We know that within our programs and treatment homes there is a community of support that offers healing and new beginnings to those struggling with addiction. It is amazing to be able to see these new beginnings all year round.  

In the time ahead, as Renascent continues to execute on our ambitious 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, donor support remains integral to our Mission. Your generosity ensures that we are able to save and change lives, heal families and communities, and create the hope of a brighter future for generations to come. Thank you for your continued support.
Gratefully yours, 
Laura Bhoi
Chief Executive Officer
Renascent Laughs Raises a Record-Breaking $30,000
for Addiction Treatment
Guests laughed the evening away in support of addiction treatment for people in need at the third annual Renascent Laughs: Laugh Together, Recover Together. This year more than 172 households attended the night of comedy, which was held on March 30, 2022 and raised a record-braking $30,000.

Comedians Jean Paul, Courtney Gilmour, and Chuck Byrn delivered outstanding performances and enthralled guests. Renascent Addictions Counsellor and Registered Psychotherapist, Cynthia Langill emceed the evening for the third straight year. 
Amy’s Story: “I would have died.”
Amy had been in and out of recovery for 20 years before going to Renascent in 2019. She started drinking around age 16 and things quickly spiraled out of control. Within a few years she would start using substances and become homeless, living in a shelter as a full-blown addict.

As the years passed, Amy’s life took the twists and turns that you’d expect of someone living with addiction. She gained and lost jobs and friends and had very challenging living arrangements and relationships. It wasn’t until a health scare at work, that Amy decided to get help once and for all. 
Family Recovery That Comes Full Circle
Lori could not have been more relieved when her brother, Iain entered treatment at Renascent in 2019. She had witnessed him live through addiction for decades, and she herself experienced the hardships that came with being the family member of a loved one with addiction. So when Lori was offered the opportunity to participate in Renascent’s Essential Family Care Program (Family Program), she leapt at it.

The donor-funded Program is designed specifically to support family members of people living with addiction and offers them an opportunity to experience their own healing and recovery.
Meet Luisa: Giving Back in More Ways Than One
It was almost by chance that Luisa Schifitto first became acquainted with Renascent. She was invited to participate in a Renascent Foundation fundraiser in 2019, and from the moment she learned about the cause, she became a passionate champion.

Just six years ago, Luisa lost her older brother to substance abuse. He was 45 years of age. Having a personal connection to addiction, Luisa made it her mission to work at Renascent so that she could help people who are struggling with addiction. She would regularly visit the careers section of Renascent’s website looking for job openings that fit her work experience.
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