Monday, July 13, 2020
Thanks for your commitment to racial justice
Thanks to you, all our Race Champions, Heroes, and Buddies, we were able to raise $70,000 in June as part of our Race Against Hate... in place. We really appreciate your help in closing the funding gap in a year when we could not gather for the Race, which normally raises over $200,000 to support YWCA racial justice and violence prevention programming.

But this year is not normal, in so many ways. We have missed so much these last four months, but we have also made significant gains in addressing racism, by collectively shining a spotlight on longstanding racial and gender inequities and disparities.

We must all keep up the hard work of understanding and advancing racial and gender equity. YWCA has lots of tools and resources for you. We apply them to our own organization, and we are here to help you, wherever you are in your journey.
Atlanta joins Evanston with Walk Against Hate
Hundreds of participants throughout the United States joined us to Race Against Hate... in place in June, and Sherialyn Byrdsong brought the Race to her hometown of Atlanta with a powerful "Walk Against Hate:"
Is your organization committed to change?
In addition to our work with individuals, YWCA Evanston/North Shore helps corporations address diversity and inclusion in their organizations. Becoming Equitable Institutions, a YWCA Equity Institute initiative, offers a series of trainings which provide a comprehensive overview of how to begin and implement equity initiatives within for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

A recent article by Morningstar, " 15 Companies Committed to Change," outlines the role corporations have in changing society for the better:

When corporate executives say they value diversity, do they mean it? Can they point to significant actions they are taking to improve representation within their workforce? Are their efforts having measurable success?

And what happens then?

  • Read the full article, co-authored by YWCA Flying Fish parent Dan Lefkovitz, here.
  • Learn more about Becoming Equitable Institutions here.
One place to start: Racial Equity Workshops
The YWCA Our Equity Institute offers virtual workshops weekly throughout the summer:

  • Implicit Bias (July 14):Consciously or not, all of us carry biases towards individuals and/or groups. We look at what implicit bias is and how it works. Participants will examine their own biases and identify how those show up. Tips for how both individuals and organizations can manage bias are provided.
  • History & Socialization of Oppression (July 23):This workshop looks at how we have been socialized to play certain roles within the systems of oppression that are deeply rooted in American culture, and how we help maintain oppressive systems. Armed with this information, what would it look like to break out of the traditional responses to these systems?
  • Microaggressions: Intent vs. Impact (July 30): What are microaggressions? Can they hurt if they weren’t intended in a hurtful way? How do they impact our work environment? What are helpful responses when I see, commit, or have someone use one on me?
  • What is White Supremacy Culture? (Aug. 4): It is often hard to talk about race because white culture values certain ways of knowing and not others, and assigns a higher value to some ways of behaving than others. Because these ideas have been maintained over a long period of time, it is sometimes hard for people to notice that this culture is based in whiteness. What are the characteristic of white supremacy culture – and what do we do once we’ve recognized this?
  • Understanding Power & Privilege (Aug. 10): As we consider topics of race, gender, ableism, heterosexism, and ageism, this workshop explores: What privilege is, who has it and how it works for them, as well as how power and privilege are connected, and how the misuse of power and privilege become oppression.
  • Advocacy in Action (Aug. 20): This workshop is for those who want to see systemic change in their locale, their institution, or their sector, but don’t know where or how to start. Participants will learn foundational understandings, tools and tactics for analyzing the systemic power operating in their context and activating people power toward systemic change.
  • Developing Cultural Humility (Aug. 26): What does it mean to develop cultural humility? We’ll explore how an organization can become inclusive and understanding of a variety of cultures, races, abilities, and differences, and identify changes that can be made by organizations and by individuals to transform our community.
Is Covid-19 widening the gender gap?
Gender gap in COVID-19 unemployment may exacerbate...

YWCA Equity Institute Director Tiffany McDowell said this disparity is a historical pattern. “Men are constantly and consistently and historically outpacing women in terms of income… but now women are more likely to be out of work for longer...

Read more
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Voter Registration Training Sessions This Week!
YWCA is partnering with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote initiative to offer nonpartisan voter registration training to YWCA supporters, staff, volunteers, board members, and program participants, as well as local partner organizations that may want to get more involved in voter registration in our community.

You’ll learn tactics and strategies for successful voter registration, including virtual voter registration activities that will be important during the COVID crisis.

Pick your date! Click on the date to RSVP for the training on either July 14th or July 16th.
Listen. Learn. Give.
YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women has never been more important. The coronavirus pandemic as exposed longstanding racial, economic, and health injustices faced by Black Americans and other people of color. We can do better!

Join with YWCA today to help change our communities. Your gift supports racial equity programs, economic advancement for women, and support services for domestic violence survivors. Giving is powerful. Please give today!
We love our Corporate Partners!
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