Cover Photo by Katherine Zimmer.
Captured recently while Katherine and Pat Burke, were out enjoying the
beautiful mustard season in Napa. The photo is of the shadow of their
2006 Boxster against a vineyard in Rutherford along Hwy 29.
From The Editor
David Bunch
der Riesenbaum Editor

Sorry the newsletter is a couple of day late, newbie here still learning how to do this.
Porsche Power wins again in Formula E in Cape Town, South Africa!! Antonio Felix Da Costa wins. That gives the "Tag Heuer Porsche Team 3 Wins out of 5 races and 4 wins out of 5 for Porsche Powered racecars..
Photo courtesy of PCCNA at Sebring test.
Sportscar racing starts up again this week at the Sebring, Florida racetrack with the "Porsche Deluxe Carrera Cup" with 41 992 GT3 Cup Porsches on Thursday. The 992 GT3's actually race twice on Thursday with a couple of local Porsche racers, Thomas Merrill from Salinas, and Chris Bellomo from Portola Valley. In between will be Michelin Pilot Challenge race with 4 of the Cayman 718 GT4 RS CS's.
On Friday the FIA World Endurance Championship "1000 Miles of Sebring" starts the WEC season with 2 of the Penske 963's and 6 992 GT3 R's.
On Saturday morning IMSA racing starts "The 12 Hours of Sebring" Weathertech Sportscar Championship will be 2 more Penske 963's in the GTP's, 1 of the 992 GT3 in GT Pro and another 5 992 GT3 R's in GT Daytona Class .
Hope you enjoy this month's der Riesenbaum. If you have an article you'd like
to include in a future issue, please email me.
President's Message
Vern Rogers

 Well, it’s been a pretty wet winter so far. It’s a darn good thing that Porsche’s don’t melt. They do rust however, particularly with their bare metal exposed. That is why I am very happy with the progress of the restoration on Bruno, my ’83 SC. After a short while naked, Bruno has been primed, blocked, primed again, and after final sanding will be ready for paint in his original Grand Prix White. My concerns about underlying body damage and bondo turned out to be unfounded. The passenger side rear quarter panel was replaced well before I ever owned him, but the work was quite professional. So, bottom line, once all his original paint was off, his body was in great shape for a 40 year old 911. Wish that we all could age so well.
Enough about me… Our Region is in need of a Webmaster. Chip Witt has been our
guy for several years now. He designed and created the current website and actually hosted himself it until just recently when it was moved to PCA National. Please join
me in honoring and applauding the job Chip has done for our Region over the years.
Our national organization only provides hosting, not maintenance or updates. You’ve certainly heard the saying that the Porsche Club of America is fueled by volunteers and we need some fuel right now. If you have a talent for web design and are willing to give the Club a few hours a week please email me.
Please see our VP, Sharon Neidel’s article below for info on upcoming events.
That’s all for now… Down the road
Upcoming Events
Sharon Neidel
Vice President

 As I drive around the region, I see so many Porsche SUV’s on the road. Are you one of them? I am. My daily driver is a 2009 Cayenne S named Hans. You are not only welcome but encouraged to come to events – you won’t be alone as I frequently drive Hans on the tours. I was at a Golden Gate Region DE last weekend and there was two Macans entered. Yes, track driving. If they can drive Thunderhill you can drive a Redwood Tour.

It’s been a cold wet winter but Spring is coming and so are the Redwood events. The first weekend of April the Fanatec GT Races at Sonoma Raceway and Redwood Region will have a corral for Porsche parking on Sunday. Possibly some Pit tours as well. You can find details on the website for obtaining tickets and a corral pass to watch some exciting Porsche racing. Ticket info and ordering will be coming via a "Blast Email" soon.

April 29th we have a tech presentation and tour starting at our sponsor Auto Sport Detailing. They will demo some proper paint maintenance before we set off on a tour and end with lunch at the Historic Washoe House. Registration is open with a link on the website.

April 29th & 30th are our first Zone 7 Autocross events of the year at Thunderhill Raceway. Saturday is the Sacramento Valley event and Sunday is our Redwood event.

We have two wine tours and a rally in the final stages of planning for May and June. Watch the website for flyers and registration details.

If this is not enough there are plenty of Zone and PCA national events for your enjoyment. Details are in our Zone Reps article and on the website.

Hope to see you at an event soon no matter what Porsche you drive –
everyone is welcome.

Crab Feed
Essy Fariab

Saturday, February 18th, was the date for our ever popular Redwood Region's Annual "Run for the Crab" event!

I have attended a couple of the past Run for the Crab driving tours and "all you can eat crab" events in the past that were traditionally held at the Marin Yacht Club, but this year's event was held at Vine Hill Druids Hall No. 211 on Laguna Road (off of River Road) north of Santa Rosa. 
My wife, Rosa, and I set off early on Saturday in our vintage yellow 1973 911 (yellow 911 with the duck tail in the pictures) that I had raced since 1989 and returned back to a basic street car that we've been enjoying driving on the back roads of Marin and Sonoma counties. It's comfortable enough for two people to drive in, and we're still able to enjoy its performance potential without jarring the fillings out of your teeth on some of those rougher back roads! 

After a 50 minute drive from our house up 101 North to Santa Rosa and then on to River Road for a few more miles, we arrived at Druid's Hall which would be the start and finish location for this event.
Upon our arrival, we were all greeted by many of our Redwood Regions's friends who were helping us drivers navigate the tight parking spaces adjacent to the hall. It was a sunny and pleasantly warmer (for mid-February winter season) Northern California Saturday and you could hear and sense the happy and cheerful energy/voices of the PCA club members who had arrived before us.
Essy & Rosa's Fariab 1973 vintage
yellow 911.
Past President Ben Davoren conducting the "Driver's Safety Meeting".
We joined the crowd and chatted with old friends and met some new friends, as well.
After a while it came the time for our morning driver's meeting led by Ben Daveron, our past president, to review the driving route, map and instructions. Once the driver's
meeting was over, with everyone nodding and affirming that they knew the driving route, the three run groups were expertly led out of the tight parking lot to begin the drive. 
All in all, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the drive on those beautiful back roads of Sonoma County and the wonderful clear weather. 

I wasn't really thinking about what to expect regarding lunch. Rosa and I had attended many other Redwood region's driving and social events in the past, including the most recent one was another popular New Year's day "One One Fun Run" drive and lunch at Hamburger Ranch in Cloverdale and needless to say that every things were served by the restaurant staff and waiters, but this crab luncheon was an exception to the norm!

Druid Hall, as the name implies, is just a hall - meaning that everything from the setting up of dining tables and chairs, bringing in (or cooking) food, serving food, breaking down the dining tables and chairs, washing and drying the dishes, mopping floors and basically returning Druid's Hall back to the condition we found it before the event - was the responsibility of Redwood Region PCA members or at least all the board members. 
President Vern Rogers and Vice-President Sharon Neidel helping setup.
Caterer Randy Apel reading the Crab to serve the "Hungry" attendees.
I ran into Jeff Hall (Membership Director and I think three other board positions!) in the morning before the drive. For those of you who know Jeff, he is quite a funny guy and almost always, if Jeff is telling you a story or making a statement, be prepared for some laughs as Jeff loves people and as if his talent and mission's to see people happy and have some laughs.
I asked him which run group he was driving with, and he answered "I'm not driving, I'm a waiter for today's crab lunch and by the way, remember to tip generously!" So, naturally,
I thought he was joking again! Apparently he wasn't joking. Most of the Board Members, President Vern Rogers, VP Sharon Neidel, Newsletter Editor David Bunch, Treasurer Rona, Membership Jeff Hall and more that I'm sure I have missed some Board members
- stayed behind to set up and decorate the hall, coordinate the food and desserts so it could be ready for our luncheon. 

They also served lunch and dessert🌹!  Everything went well and all 104 attendees seemed to enjoy sitting at large family style tables, sharing crab and pasta and in case of some club members who hadn't seen each other for a while, this was the perfect atmosphere to catch up or perhaps share a story or two.

After lunch, most of us board and other club members came together to clean up the Hall and returned it even better than we found it.

This 2023 Run for the Crab event will imprint an everlasting memory in my mind about the spirit of our Redwood Region Porsche Club. My wife, Rosa, and I felt proud to be part of this group and had an excellent day of camaraderie among friends.

So, the next time you run into a Board Member or any of our many club volunteers at club events, PLEASE remember to thank them for their countless hours to make our region special! 

Cheers for now,
In the Zone
Brian Adkins
Zone 7 Representative

In The Zone
March 2023

Hello Zone 7,
February is almost a wrap with events now coming fast and furious. I trust your
Valentines Day was wonderful (if you celebrate). I made dinner for my wife and if
you ever want to sidetrack me with something other than Porsches just bring up
food. I won’t turn this note to a recipe column but if you ever want my secret
ingredient for slow cooked braised beef let me know.
I am looking forward to meeting with the Zone 7 Region Presidents mid-March
where information will be shared from PCA National, your presidents and team
member will be collaborating and sharing the many amazing things that happen all
through our Zone.

For Zone info / news and more please do look at Zone 7 Website
Do you have that web and your Regions web bookmarked? I scour all the Region’s
websites and am amazed at the great sites just filled with info and more.

What is the next event you will take part in?
If you are already registered for Parade, make a note that for Phase II you will
register for banquets and events that opens April 5th at 9 am Pacific.
67th Porsche Parade - Palm Springs.

Porsche Parade is seeking Porsches for the Historics Display on Concours day at
Parade. Lori Schutz, Porsche Parade Historics Display Chair, is seeking the
following Porsches:
• 924
• 944
• 968
• Carrera GT
• 959
You will join a field of 50 special Porsches. You do not need to be a Parade
registrant. If you are a Parade entrant then you cannot also be in the judged
concours event.
Send a message to Lori at Lori Schutz
Specific information is also available at Parade Historics Display.

Zone 7 Events

CRAB 38, Sacramento Valley Region, April 21-23, 2023. Registration is open.
You can see the overview and additional information at the MotorsportReg site at

Shasta Region Zone 7 Tour, June 8-12, 2023. Still a couple of spots available.
You can go to MotorsportReg, sign-up or peruse the Overview at Zone 7 Tour for
additional information. Registration closes March 15th.

Any questions, please email me.

Brian Adkins
Zone 7 Representative
2023 Zone 7 Autocross Series Schedule
as of February 24, 2023

Date - Location - Host Region
March 25 - Crows Landing - Loma Prieta
March 26 - Crows Landing - Golden Gate
April 29 - Thunderhill Raceway - Sacramento Valley
April 30 - Thunderhill Raceway - Redwood
May 13 - Madera Airport - Sequoia
August 26 - Salinas Airport - Golden Gate
August 27 - Salinas Airport - Loma Prieta
September 16 - Thunderhill Raceway - Sacramento Valley
September 17 - Thunderhill Raceway - Redwood
2023 Zone 7 Concours Series Schedule
as of February 24, 2023

Date -Location - Host Region
April 16 - Concours School, Class Room via ZOOM - Zone 7
April 29 - Concours School - Hi Tech Auto, San Rafael - Zone 7
May 15 - Concours School - Porsche Stevens Creek - Zone 7
May 27 - Concours School – Nelson Residence, Shingle Springs - Zone 7
June 4 - Porsche of Rocklin - Sacramento Valley
July 9 - Morman Station State Historic Park, Genoa, Nv. - Sierra Nevada
July 16 - Carmel Valley Community Park - Monterey Bay
August 6 - Porsche Redwood City - Golden Gate
October 15 - Porsche Livermore - Diablo
October 22 - Sonoma Square, Sonoma - Redwood
TBD - Porsche Fremont - Loma Prieta
2023 West Coast Race Series Schedule
as of February 24, 2023

April 8-9th - Thunderhill Raceway - Registration is open.
May 6-7th - Buttonwillow Raceway - Opens March 20th
June 10-11th - Utah Motorsports Campus - Opens April 24th
June 24-25th - Thunderhill Raceway - Opens May 8th
July 22-23rd - High Plains Raceway - Opens May 5th
August 5-6th - Sonoma Raceway - Opens June 19th
Sept. 15-17th - Laguna Seca - Opens July 31st
Oct. 14-15th - Sonoma - Opens August 28th
Tech Session
Board Meeting Minutes
Eileen Gaines

The February Board Meeting was held on Tuesday 28th.

Next Board Meeting: Redwood Region Monthly Board Meeting
Tue, March 28th, 2023, 7 pm - 9 pm.
Petaluma Mary's Pizza Shack, 423 N McDowell Blvd. Petaluma CA 94954

Our monthly Board meetings are open to all Redwood Region Members.
The club will buy your dinner; you pay for your beverage.

If you’re interested in joining the next meeting via Zoom,
send me an email and I will forward you the meeting link.  

Membership Reports & Information
Jeff Hall
Membership Director

On behalf of the entire Redwood Region of the Porsche Club of America I would like to welcome our new members from January and February!  

I encourage you to attend some of our events in the upcoming months which can be found in the calendar section of our website: Our events are a great way for you to meet other PCA members and have some fun with fellow Porsche enthusiasts and our amazing cars. From our website you can also access current and past issues of der Reisenbaum, our monthly newsletter!

In the month of January, we welcomed nine new members to the Redwood Region PCA. In the month of February, we welcomed five new members as well as one transferee from another region. You all should have or will be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge. Also if you’d like to order a name badge for your associate or family member, check out our website for full details and instructions.

In February 2023, 25 PCA Redwood Region members marked five or more years
in the club. Three members, Darnell Walton and Patricia and Albert Boro have over 50 years with the club! Congratulations to all of you for such long-term loyalty and thank you to all who are marking anniversaries – I hope you are enjoying your membership and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club has to offer!

If anyone has any questions about membership, please feel free to email me.

If you spot any errors or have any questions about membership, please feel free
Redwood Goodie Store
Dress in style and get your Redwood Region branded items in our Goodie Store.
Visit Redwood's on-line Goodie Store here.
der Marktplatz
All parts for sale in new condition from a PCA member. Pictures are available upon request.

  • Silver PDK Shift Paddles $80
  • Pair black leatherette A-pillars $215
  • Pair black leatherette sun visors $590
  • Black or silver brushed aluminum console trim $290
  • Pair “GT3” doorsills in black or silver brushed aluminum (non-illuminated) $365
  • Black leatherette Full lower dash trim (including glove box) $615
  • Black or silver brushed aluminum full dash trim including cup holders $740
All items are available for local pickup or the buyer pays shipping by choice of method.
All items are guaranteed authentic Porsche OEM.
Cash, PayPal and cashier’s check are accepted.
Please check your fitment. All sales final.
All questions are welcome.
Contact Bobby
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