Greetings Seniors,

I am hoping on this beautiful Sunday morning you are all feeling well!

For most seniors who have retired the economic impact of the current shutdown for you has not changed your situation. What I mean is, your social security or pension check is still being deposited into your account; your usual monthly expenses are no different now than before the pandemic.

That is not to assume you might need to fix your car, purchase a new air conditioning system or help your children who might have lost their jobs. My point is, that more than likely many people who are retired may be in better shape economically because we have not been able to retail shop, go to the movies or eat out and so much more.

Many of you will also receive, or already have received, a $1,200 stimulus check. I am writing this to encourage you, if it's in your budget, to consider ordering food from our township restaurants. Here is a link to restaurants in town that are open.

Last week, Mayor Charlie Carley proclaimed 'Restaurant Week' in South Brunswick. We are quickly starting to see eateries opening up and they need us! In case you missed it, many restaurants in town have been extremely philanthropic by donating meals to our neediest, to the front line workers and to our food pantry. Now it is our turn to do something for them!

We are going to have some fun and some giveaways!
Please make sure you open and read these constant contacts in the coming days and join our Facebook Group!

In honor of Restaurant Week (extended to Weeks) Mayor Carley has been working hard on facilitating a gift card giveaway!

Stay tuned!!

My very best,

Caryl Greenberg
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