While the winds of change continue to blow, we continue to build windmills. And as those winds get stronger and stronger, we vow to never give up. We fight for you, our greatest asset... our families. And with you on our side, we all ultimately fight for the children. So while our pledge to you is to continue to share confirmed, reliable changes as they come out, we ask that you pledge to stand with us and be the voice for the children... as they have the most to lose.  Click here to read more about how others, like long-time advocate Martha Osborne with Rainbow Kids , as well as numerous child welfare agencies from Bulgaria, are speaking up to shed light on the most recent wind gust.
Several families are already happily on board with our Philippines adoption program, but there are 2 slots left for families who would like to adopt a young, healthy child!

Travel to the Philippines for your adoption trip is approximately two weeks long. During your trip, you will not only get to meet your child and the people who have cared for him or her, but you will get to explore this beautiful country. The people of the Philippines are kind, welcoming people who take pride in their culture and customs. You will get to enjoy many things quintessentially Filipino!

Interested in these 2 healthy slots for our Philippines programs? Email
Amanda Felizardo , or visit our  website . Hurry, these healthy slots are filling up!
What a turn out we had for our annual Lunar New Year celebration! Thank you to all the families who made the trip through that dreary weather. It was great to see you all. The food was delicious, especially those dumplings! It was adorable to see your children participate with the yo-yo's, crafts, and photo booth. The day was a huge success, and we have you to thank.
As of April 1st, Amanda Felizardo will be going part time for Madison Adoption Associates. Her new hours will be 830am-430pm Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. We thank you for your patience during this transition. We are confident your process will continue as smoothly as possible!
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